The Amateur Destroyer Wins! America Loses!

<strong)7,600,207 disillusioned 2008 Obama supporters sat out this election! What a waste! If half of them voted for Romney, we would have an honest, upright man capable of FIXING ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS. Instead, we are stuck with the amateur for another four years! By the way, that figure might be a little distorted, because the democrats picked up 10,000,000 new registered voters since 2008, yet received 7,600,207 less votes. (Based on figures released 3 days after the election-some counting is still going on!)
Al and Lili

Below find two messages from friends! They say everything I’m thinking, so there is no need to “gild the Lily.” I wish everyone of the 3,000,000 registered Republicans that failed to vote and the 7,600,207 people disenchanted with Obama would read this message:

“If I’m stepping on toes, I’m not sorry, but this writer says it about as well as can be said. I am disgusted with the voters who voted to elect Obama, for the reasons he lists. I refuse to look at them without feeling pity. They will get exactly what they deserve. Unfortunately, the other half of the country will suffer along with them. If you voted for him and try to tell me your complaint later, I will tell you in no uncertain terms where to shove your complaint. I will probably lose some friends because of my stance, but so be it, better now than pretend later.”


> From the Hayride, a Louisiana political website:
> …
> As for national politics, we probably won’t have much to say.
> Because what tonight’s election showed is that the American electorate has degraded very, very badly in the last decade.
> Exit polling indicates that this electorate was a D+6 electorate. 38 percent Democrat, 32 percent Republican. I didn’t think that was possible. I was wrong.
> Obama ran and won with an atrocious record, without anything remotely resembling a positive agenda for a second term, with a campaign based on lies, slander and hatred.
> That’s what he ran on. And that’s what he won on.
> I could blame Mitt Romney for whatever mistakes he may have made, but the fact is this a good man who was honest, earnest and positive. And he exuded character and accomplishment throughout the race, and his campaign reflected those qualities.
> Romney was not my primary choice. But as the GOP nominee he performed admirably.
> This was not Romney’s fault. If the electorate is D+6 or D+7 over the last two presidential elections, he’s just not going to be able to win no matter what he does.
> The problem isn’t with Romney. The problem isn’t with the GOP’s consultants and strategists.(Maybe the GOP strategists are not with it). The problem isn’t with the GOP’s messaging. The problem isn’t the Bible-beaters, the Ron Paul crowd, the country clubbers, the corporate types, or the TEA Party.
> None of those people are the problem. We’re going to spend the next several months chewing each other to pieces about why the Republican Party is incapable of beating the worst president the country has ever seen, or getting three lousy Senate seats so as to depose the worst Senate Majority Leader the country has ever seen. But what we’re missing the boat on is that it’s not our fault.
> It’s the electorate’s fault.
> The current iteration of the Democrat Party is socialist to the core. It isn’t amoral, it’s deliberately immoral. It believes in government-sponsored infanticide, government-sponsored theft, unprotected borders, the destruction of the 2nd Amendment, the deliberate destruction of Pax Americana in favor of what can only be envisioned as the rise of a Muslim caliphate and the deliberate destruction of the nuclear family. It believes in the redistribution of wealth rather than its creation, which is perhaps the most offensive concept to the American economic ideal imaginable.
> It believes these things and it no longer hides from them, as it once did.
> And yet that party is able to get a man of such demonstrably meager achievement and shallow character re-elected because it can command six more percent of its adherents to the polls than a Republican Party that raises and spends ONE BILLION DOLLARS to run an honorable campaign offering the American people a positive alternative.
> What can be taken from this? We no longer have a nation worthy of that positive alternative. We have a nation willing to believe something is wrong with a man who makes millions of dollars in private business as a potential public servant. We have a nation willing to be distracted by the likes of Sandra Fluke.
> At the end of the day, we’ve had a half-century of cultural decline in this country since the early 1960′s. You cannot endure a half-century of cultural decline without paying the price in leadership.
> Tonight we paid that price.
> And for the next four years we will pay far more dearly.
> In January, America hits the fiscal cliff. The GOP still holds the House of Representatives, so it can fight a holding action against full-on socialism. And the 2014 elections offer another tantalizing opportunity for Republicans to regain the Senate.
> But the damage that will be done to our economy as a result of that holding action against an economic illiterate president unencumbered by re-election is incalculable. Taxes will rise, and Obama will blame John Boehner. The economy will contract, and he’ll blame Republicans. Sequestration will gut our military, and our enemies will take advantage.
> In four years we will not recognize our country. In four years we will be without any illusions about the fact that we are in an economic depression. And in four years we will have a war – because war typically follows depression.
> We will hit the debt ceiling. Not the one Congress debates raising every few months – the real debt ceiling. The one which happens when you go to the bond market looking to sell Treasury debt and can’t find buyers. Either that, or we go toward a full-on monetization of our debt.
> Our choice will be Greece or the Weimar Republic. Or perhaps both.
> Half the country voted against this future. But the other half didn’t. And because, given that choice, they opted for decline and the loss of individual responsibility and freedom.
> Mitt Romney was never more correct than when he said to that crowd – and the hidden camera he didn’t know was there – in Florida that 47 percent of the population thinks of themselves as victims, doesn’t pay taxes and refuses to take responsibility. He was castigated for saying it, but he spoke the truth.
> In this country, in 2012, the truth will cost you an election. Whether that statement did the deed to Romney is hard to say. But it didn’t help him.
> This country needs to take a hard look in the mirror. We’re teaching our children values our grandparents can’t even fathom, we’re abandoning what made us great and we are knowingly watching our country decline.
> Fixing this will require a much better America than tonight’s election showed that we have.
> We will bear a terrible, terrible cost of this sad reality over the next four years. What will be left in four years, we can only imagine.
> Pray. Buy gold. Live the best life you can. But know that our country is in dire straits and bad times are coming.

Obama’s Dems have begun the CHEATING! Here’s how to Stop it!

Voting Corrections

Posted by Don Sipe on November 5, 2012 at 11:50pm in General, Town Hall
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You’ve cast your vote page by page. You get to the summary of all your votes at the end of the electronic voting process. BUT YOU SEE THAT THE MACHINE HAS FLIPPED YOUR VOTES OR RECORDED THE WRONG VOTES!!!

1. Do not panic; it happens, especially if you’ve voted quickly (like typing too fast on Facebook).
2. Call for one of the poll workers to come over because your machine has made an error.
3. Show the poll worker what’s happened.
4. The poll worker will ask you to try again to see if the machine repeats the error.
5. If it does NOT repeat the error, press the “cast ballot” button and finish voting.
6. If it DOES repeat the error, insist on having the poll supervisor come over. With the original poll worker helper present explain what’s happened. Tell the supervisor you want this machine taken offline and you want to vote on a machine that’s working properly.
7. The poll supervisor will have to cancel your voting “booth” before doing anything else.
8. Then the supervisor will take the machine offline (disconnect it from the daisy chain of machines).
9. The poll supervisor will re-issue the code you need to vote.
10. Go through the process again.

DO NOT take a photo of the machine or of anything in the polling area. In almost every state this is ILLEGAL and can get you thrown out of the poll without being able to vote.

If the poll supervisor DOES NOT follow the above steps, insist that he/she call the county/municipal election authority and let you speak with them. (That’s your right as a voter.)

Get them to direct the poll supervisor to take the correct actions. If they won’t help, ask for the toll free number to your state Secretary of State. Call them and ask them to resolve the problem.

If they won’t help call 855-444-6100. That’s the True the Vote hotline.
But DON’T CALL that line until AFTER you’ve tried the county/municipal authority AND the Secretary of State. We have lawyers standing by to help.
Please only call if YOU are the person to whom this happens. NOBODY can take 2nd or 3rd hand reports and take action.

Veterans and the Election. (From VFW magazine)







Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

A brief word, before the article about Veterans and The Election:

Why is Romney ahead of Obama by 24 points among veterans?  The answer is simple.  Obama’s policy puts the entire nation in economic chaos. The veteran has often fought and shed blood to keep our nation strong and safe.  It is the veteran that realizes over the past four years, Mr Obama has not lead in fixing the nations economic problems.  Instead of leading, he has blamed everything from George Bush to the weather. His puppet, Harry Reid, as the Senate leader has taken all of the programs and budgets sent by the Republican lead House on the shelf and let them die.  Some of the Job Creation bills had strong bi-partisan support in the House.  Some as high as 400 yes votes, meaning nearly all of the Democrats in the House agreed the bill would help the economy, and voted for it!  Why Obama and Reid have decided “doing nothing” is better than working on the problems.does not make sense to the “can do” veteran.

The veteran recognizes leadership shown by Romney in business, in fixing a broken Olympics and when he took over Massachusetts it was 47th in the nation, economically speaking.  Massachusetts also had a large budget deficit. In one term of four (4) years, Romney took the deficit and turned it into a surplus, moving Massachusetts up to 24th in the nation from that next to the bottom 47th spot.

Finally, Obama had a veto proof Senate and large majority in the House of Representatives for most of his first four (4) years.  Instead of fixing the economic problems that everyone realized was the major task at hand, he went about using his majority by forcing a socialistic health care program that will end up being an economic disaster once the costs start to pile up.  If Romney isn’t elected to fix that disaster I call the “Obama Health sCare Bill” expect to start seeing those problems intensify in 2014!

Democratic Propaganda Machine, (liberal media) Proven to be Liars!

A list of lies by the lame-brain media would take up hundreds of pages.  Just note the below facts, and get pumped up to vote for the Good Guys!

Romney IS Winning! Uber Good News Up-Dates at The Bottom!

The MSM has been feeding us a line of unmitigated horse-pucky for weeks saying that Barack HUSSEIN Obama led in all the polls and Obama’s “Approval Numbers” were higher than they actually are, and ever deserved.


But the “polls” the MSM and the Democrats used were flawed by design. They deliberately polled more Democrats and Liberals than Conservatives and Republicans. This over-sampling of Liberals/Democrats was to achieve several ends, among which but not limited to are-

1] Discourage Conservatives from voting,

2] Encourage Liberals to vote,

3] Push their Liberal/Marxist agenda,

4] To cover-up the fact that Obama, Liberals and Liberalism is an over-whelming FAILURE.

But NewsMax, Rasmussen and now Unskewed have polling data that is truly representative of the actual voting populace…and low and behold all three of them show Mitt Romney ahead!

Yep, Mitt IS Winning!

Hears the data-

Source: LV = Likely Voters, RV=Registered Voters, MoE=Margin of Error




The World Net Daily article goes on to give examples of Obama and the Liberals/Democrats in disarray, including-

Signs Obama losing

Despite the establishment media narrative that the Romney campaign is behind and in disarray, there are abundant signs the Obama campaign is behind and scrambling not to lose further ground:

  • On Saturday, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina insisted to reporters that despite national polls showing Romney and Obama locked in a tie, Obama is still winning.
  • WND reported last week Obama’s chief financier, Penny Pritzker, has entered the Hawaii housing market to buy a retirement home for the president and his family that will be available not in 2016, but in January 2013.
  • On the eve of the opening session of the General Assembly, the Obama administration’s Middle Eastern policy appears to be imploding in the wake of the murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in an attack that intelligence sources believe was coordinated by jihadists tied to al-Qaida. The administration, nevertheless, insisted the attack was a response to an anti-Muslim movie trailer produced in the U.S.
  • Initial jobless claims for the week ending Sept. 15 were a seasonally adjusted 382,000, exceeding forecasts of 375,000, suggesting no improvement in the percentage of Americans unemployed could be anticipated before the November election, as reported by Wall Street Journal Market Watch.
  • Politico has reported that in the latest Politico-George Washington University Battleground Poll with middle-class families, which constitute approximately 54 percent of the electorate and usually split their vote between Democratic and Republican candidates, Romney holds a 14-point advantage, 55 percent to 41 percent.



Polls show Mitt Romney LEADING by anywhere from 8 to 14 points!

Now…just why might Romney be ahead of Obama?

a novel concept!

Create Wealth- DON’T redistribute it.

[Note: Redistributing wealth =’s equal poverty and squalor for everyone, witness N. Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Russia and Detroit.]


Uber Good News Up-Dates!

We sometimes get hit with so much bad news and out right lies that I decided to provide a whole “boat-load” of GOOD News and facts showing Romney winning and Obama Losing-


Here we see and hear Romney taking a stand and fighting back-…



Here Romney IS VERY Presidential in dealing with the Islamic Global Jihad-


Here Romney hits Obama HARD on BHO’s Welfare & Entitlement spree-…


Not to be “out-done” Obama lays claim to being a Commie Collectivist-…


WE KNOW THE DEMOCRATS WILL have a few million cheat votes, however, the above numbers show they can only make the race
close with their cheating!  We will win if we all do our part, inform our inattentive friends, and take them to vote for Romney!

A Challenge to You if You Care about the USA!

You need to know two things about me before I explain The Challenge:

First, I don’t respect many politicians.  In fact, the career politician is about the most wasted person in the country.  The only people more wasted is the business person depending on “political corporate cronyism” and the “welfare cheats.” That is “cheats” not the people that need it!  A real politician has been successful in the real world, then dedicates a few years of his life to helping do what is right for the country. Once he has done his duty for a few years, he returns home to pick up his business, and resume a normal life. The career politicians and the tribal chiefs and assorted royal consorts around them are  nothing but “BIG PIGS!”  If you want to hear what I really feel and think, keep reading.

Second, the term entitlement is a misnomer .  You either earn something, invest in something or get a gift.  Millions of us are in the 47% that do not pay taxes.  What I get I earned or invested in. The fact I pay no taxes has to do with the tax laws,  cost of living and income level. Those getting a gift think they are entitled, but they are not.  A gift does not last forever.   In fact, during my working years, many of my taxes went to some of the people receiving a gift, as well as to build the roads and bridges that according to Mr Obama, we didn’t build!

My retirement income comes from social security, which I’ve paid into since I was 15 years old. The second source of income is compensation from the Veterans Administration, due to wounds received in Vietnam.  I worked as long as I could, but when this battered body became too worn out to continue, I was thankful that I was part of the VA system, ever since coming home from Vietnam.  Once I needed it, the VA was there to help pick up the slack since I could no longer work.

What does one have to do to receive VA compensation? He must live like an animal for some portion of his most productive years. It might be  in the jungles of Vietnam or the frozen tundra of Korea; or possibly the sand dunes of Iraq or the rugged and cold climate of Afghanistan.  Even many of these people never qualify for VA compensation.  To receive that “EARNED BENEFIT” you probably also left part of your body or mind, most definitely some of your blood in the land where you lived like an animal while your peers were getting their start in the real world!

While trying to stay in a positive frame of mind, I sometimes slip back into rage (or at least extreme anger) over the career politicians that send our young people into these Godforsaken parts of the world.  We have so much technology and wonderful weapons to decimate any enemy, with minimal danger to our troops.  I am always amazed that we make our military resort to World War II tactics when we have space age technology.  Better yet, why don’t the political clowns in the entire world get together and end this nonsense we call war?

Now, when you read this you might think I am a pacifist, democrat!  Not by a long-shot, although I grew up thinking democrats were the good guys and had all the answers.  As an adult I woke up!  As I mentioned above, I am a 47% person for Romney!  Romney will not do anything to hurt those of us in our retirement years, and even those 10 years younger!  His plan to readjust these necessary programs for those younger than 55 years old will actually save them for future generations without bringing about the bankruptcy all of these programs face with the democrat spending problem.  Some addicts take in substances.  The democrat addicts throw money around like it is endless.  They think being a spendthrift has no negative consequences.  In fact, at the rate Obama spends money, those of us that are well past our prime will soon be either cut-off, or else paid in worthless dollars!  In either case, with Obama we all suffer.  With Romney we have a chance of escaping the fate of Greece!

That brings me to THE CHALLENGE: I am putting all of my faith in Romney.  To do so goes against my grain as mentioned above.  However, our country is on the precipice to complete economic destruction.  I had great hopes for Obama!  He let me down! He had a veto proof Senate and great majority in the House of Representatives for the first two years of his administration.  The major problem we faced (and indicated by most Americans in opinion polls) was the economy.  You can only fix an economy by creating more jobs.  He did not create more jobs, or fix the economy with all of his wasteful spending! I’m afraid 4 more years of this and none of us will be able to make it unless we have a treasure trove of gold and silver stored in our attic.  My family has neither, so we need Mr Romney to fix this economy.  His history shows he has the ability to do it!  We gambled on Mr Obama, who had no (and still doesn’t) business experience. He has shown us that he ran out of HOPE and CHANGE early.  He  claimed, “Yes, we can!”  We as a people, elected him, and now he says, “No, we can’t. I can’t change it from the inside.”   So, maybe you better go back to the outside, and see if you can do it as a former president, Mr Obama!  In fact, Ronald Reagan inherited as big a mess as you did.  He fixed it with leadership!  He was from the outside, as you were, but when he got to the inside he was a leader,  made friends with the democratic leadership, and restored our economy!  He never gloated and said, “Hey, I won!” to Tip O’Neal or any of the democrats. Reagan was, as Romney will be, friendly, conciliatory and effective!

So, The CHALLENGE is: AMERICA PUT ROMNEY IN OFFICE, AND GIVE HIM THE SAME GIFT WE GAVE PRESIDENT OBAMA–A VETO PROOF SENATE AND A MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.  If, at the end of two years we do not see a major improvement in jobs and the economy we can dump his majority in the Senate and House, and replace him two years later!  Not only will I feel betrayed by Mr Romney, in that case, but I will do all in my power to support his opponent in the 2016 election!  I’m not even sure Romney will need a veto proof Senate, just the majority will probably do it.  Romney is smart enough to get a lot of help from the other side of the aisle!

Romney is a terrible campaigner but with a strong business sense!  Obama is a great campaigner but wouldn’t know how to run a 25 cent lemonade stand!  It’s looking a lot like the 2008 election. However, we were snookered in 2008, please do not let it happen again!

ADVERT. Section: Is your computer backed up at an off-site location? If not you might want to check out the following web site.  80% of computer owners do not have back up!  Even if you use an on-site  method, you might still lose everything from a robbery or flood.  If  this is a concern of yours, please go to

That’s what he meant with his “…after the election…” to the Russians!

Michael Ramirez Cartoon
A new report was released last week that stated we have spent $70 BILLION of DEFENSE FUNDS on climate change. China is quickly modernizing and expanding its military and developing a blue water navy complete with aircraft carriers; Russia has threatened and invaded its neighbors while dedicating more money to upgrading their military; nuclear threats have arisen in the East and Middle East; there …is a proliferation of 3 stage missile technology; there is a rising threat of Islamic extremism and increasing instability throughout the world and this administration is responding by…. cutting back?The Navy will cut two carrier battle groups and reduce the number of sea vessels to 238. Strategic bombers will be reduced from 153 to 101. Our fighter force will be cut in half. The budget for missile defense has been drastically cut… but you will be glad to know we are spending more than 4 times the amount it costs for regular jet fuel to use BIO-FUEL? $4 a gallon for reg jet fuel vs $16 (or as high as $28) a gallon for bio-fuel.

As Sen. Inhofe, senior member of the Senate Armed Services committee asked on the Senate floor last week, “Would you rather spend $4 billion on Air Force Base solar panels or would you rather have 28 new F-22s or 30 F-35s or modernized C-130s?” Considering a large portion of the jet fighters we use to defend America today were developed in the 60s and built in the 70s, that is a very good question.


Never before have we worked as slaves of the government until July 14.  Usually, we start working for ourselves in May- but not with Obama in The White House!

Dems controlled everything from January 2009 until January 2011. From January 2007 they controlled the Senate and the House of Representatives!  Even after the Republicans captured the House in January 2011 they could do nothing but submit bipartisan bills to the Senate.  It is the Senate that has been holding everything up!  Get rid of Hairy Reed!

Happy Cost of Government Day All You Serfs Out There…

July 15, 2012


The average for the states is 197 days to pay for the government gone wild. Some of us go longer up to August 9th with Connecticut being the worst. NY and NJ are next, going to August 5th.

Time to move to Tennessee, Mississippi, or South Dakota!

Take a look at regulations in this breakdown –

  • The average American worker will have to labor 87.82 days just to pay for federal spending.
  • The average American worked 44.62 days worked to pay for federal regulations and 24.75 days worked to pay for state and local regulations for a grand total of 69 days just to have the government rule over us and regulate us. But the government thinks we need MORE regulations.
  • The average American worked 40.04 days worked to pay for state and local spending.

“From a different perspective, the cost of government makes up 54.0 percent of annual gross domestic product (GDP),” reads the report. “What’s more, the largest tax hike in the nation’s history is scheduled to take place at the end of 2012 unless Congress acts to protect taxpayers. If this tax increase is allowed to hit, COGD [Cost of Government Day] could permanently be pushed back into August and beyond.”

Then there are the rising, unsustainable costs of “free” medical care.

Soon, we will work only for the government and will need their handouts to survive. We are on the road to serfdom when the government has more of our pay than we do.

Cost of Government Report, read it and weep.

The average for the states is 197 days to pay for the government gone wild. Some of us go longer up to August 9th with Connecticut being the worst. NY and NJ are next, going to August 5th.

Then there are the rising, unsustainable costs of “free” medical care.

Photo shows us neat and clean and in better days! Far from the days of eating dirt in Vietnam!                                                                                      How much longer will the American people put up with this charlatan in The White House?  If we don’t get rid of Obama in this next election soon every American will be eating dirt, as we did in Vietnam!

Representing AmVets Chapter 18, Orange County, California. Thanks to  General Westmoreland!

Hello world!

We are a couple of people very interested in the election of 2012.  Lili grew up in communist Yugoslavia.  She know first hand the pitfalls and shortcomings of socialism.  Al has been interested in Mitt Romney since the primaries of 2008.  He believes Mitt is the most competent person to ever run for the highest executive office in the USA.

Mitt’s history is one of success after success.  If young people want a great role model, it would be someone with the clean, effective, and successful history of a Mitt Romney.  He built his wealth without a hint of scandal!  He raised a strong, vibrant, productive family.  He is moral and accomplished.

I hope he picks Allen West as his  Vice Presidential running mate.  Allen is everything Mitt Romney is, except without the wealth.  A great, successful person. A military hero!  That would be an unbeatable ticket and you know the democrats would not know how to defeat such a strong slate!

We want this blog to be a clearing house for all opinions.  The above offers ours, and as we present various positions, facts and more opinions that we hold, we want others to share their thoughts even if they disagree with us.  We hope amateurVScompetent will be a clearing house for many ideas, jokes and serious offerings about the election of 2012.  In 2004 we spent a lot of time trying to keep John Kerry from winning the Presidency.  Traveling to Washington, DC to attend the anti-Kerry rally, and appearing on Vietnamese media to explain our objection to Kerry.  Al is a Vietnam veteran, and grew up in Massachusetts and never felt comfortable with Kerry’s claims of heroism or his performance as a Massachusetts politician.  If George Bush had a few shortcomings, Kerry was a Fort Knox vault full of them.

We are not perfect, but as normal citizens we can spot the biggest bull-crapper in the corral. Compared to Kerry, Bush was a  lot more preferable!  In 2012 we detect a con-man in Barack Hussein Obama. While he certainly knows how to campaign he has proven to be a very poor administrator.  Meanwhile, so far, we find Mitt Romney a very poor campaigner, and hope he gets better.  However, we know from his history he is an excellent administrator. We are all in for Romney, and hope we can help undecided people to see what we see in him.

So, we will be blogging here often, and hope many of you will also share your ideas, both pro and con.


Al and Lili

Happy blogging!