It’s the Senate Stupid!

You may remember the slogan “It’s the economy, stupid” used by Bill Clinton during the 1992 presidential campaign to make the point that George H. W. Bush had not adequately addressed the economy.Clinton’s political strategist, James Carville, posted the phrase inside campaign headquarters as a way to keep the team focused and on message. The phrase later became the de facto slogan for the Clinton election campaign.

The slogan is relevant again in 2012 as Americans consider Barack Obama’s dismal economic record, but if you consider yourself a freedom-loving American, I have a different slogan for you.

“It’s the Senate, stupid.”Most Americans are focused on the presidential race right now, but winning the White House — as critical as it is — won’t be enough to save the country we love without a strong, conservative majority in the United States Senate. It's The Senate Stupid
  • Without a conservative Senate, we won’t repeal ObamaScare.
  • Without a conservative Senate, we won’t balance the budget.
  • Without a conservative Senate, we won’t secure our borders.
  • Without a conservative Senate, we won’t stop the bailouts.
  • And without a conservative Senate, we won’t enact the pro-growth policies needed to get America back to work.

Be Smart. Change the Senate.

If you’re reading this letter, chances are, you follow current events more closely than most and you probably understand the point I’m making — winning the Senate is key to restoring America’s greatness.

The simple fact of the matter is this: a Republican president without a conservative Senate is a waste of a Republican president.

A president can campaign on good policies, but he doesn’t write the bills. As long as liberals are in charge of writing legislation, it will be difficult for a Republican president to sign the right bills into law.

Does anyone think Harry Reid will ever send a bill to the President’s desk to repeal ObamaSCare? The answer is “no” and that’s why I am focused on sending strong conservatives to the Senate who will make that a reality.

Act Now. Support Senate Conservatives.

As we head down the home stretch of the most important election in our lifetime, my challenge to you is this: keep your focus on electing true conservatives to the U.S. Senate. These Senate races aren’t getting the same media attention as the presidential race, but they’re no less important.

This is why I founded the Senate Conservatives Fund, an independent, grassroots organization that helps elect principled leaders to the U.S. Senate, and it’s why I so strongly support its efforts today.

SCF has endorsed eight standout leaders in 2012:

  • Josh Mandel (Ohio)
  • Ted Cruz (Texas)
  • Jeff Flake (Arizona)
  • Richard Mourdock (Indiana)
  • Deb Fischer (Nebraska)
  • George Allen (Virginia)
  • Tom Smith (Pennsylvania)
  • Dan Bongino (Maryland)


These candidates share a strong belief in the principles that make America great and they understand the critical role the U.S. Constitution plays in preserving our freedoms.

These leaders also have records that prove they not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. And they’ve all shown the courage to stand up to their own party’s leaders when it was necessary to support and defend our principles and values.

So if you agree that winning a conservative majority in the U.S. Senate is vital to our nation’s future and if you’re willing to engage in these races even at a time when the media ignores them, then please do three things today.

  • Sign up for SCF email updates so you can stay informed.
  • Make a contribution to help SCF’s endorsed candidates. Without financial support, these candidates won’t be able to get their message out.
  • Forward this email and encourage your family and friends to support these outstanding Senate candidates.

Thank you for your commitment to principles of freedom. We live the greatest country in the world and if we work together in smart and effective ways, I’m confident we can preserve it for generations to come.


Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint
United States Senator

The Senate Conservatives Fund is a grassroots organization with more than 100,000 members that raises money for conservative candidates running for the U.S. Senate. SCF is an independent organization and is not affiliated with the Republican Party or any of its campaign committees.

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BIDEN:”middle class has been ‘buried’ the last 4 years…”


Biden says middle class has been ‘buried’ the last 4 years

(The Charlotte Observer, Jeff Siner/ Associated Press ) – Vice President Joe Biden speaks to supporters on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012 in Charlotte, N.C. at The Fillmore. Biden said Tuesday that the middle class has been “buried” during the past four years, a statement that Republicans immediately seized upon as an unwitting indictment of the Obama administration.

By Associated Press, Updated: Tuesday, October 2, 2:59 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the middle class has been “buried” during the past four years, a statement that Republicans immediately seized upon as an unwitting indictment of the Obama administration.Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney replied on Twitter that he agrees with Biden, saying: “the middle class has been buried the last 4 years, which is why we need a change in November.”

Romney’s running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, said a Romney presidency is a solution for middle-class families who feel “buried” by taxes or government policies.

“We need to stop digging by electing Mitt Romney the next president of the United States. Of course the middle class has been buried,” Ryan said in Burlington, Iowa. “They’re being buried by regulations; they’re being buried by taxes; they’re being buried by borrowing. They’re being buried by the Obama administration’s economic failures.”


Not all of , just 2—3.8% tax for people that earn more than a certain amount from the sale of their home!  (NICE THING TO DO WITH A HOUSING SLUMP—IT’S SURE TO EXPLODE HOME SALES, lol) and another lol!

Most of these taxes,  do not directly show up on the people needing the health service, however, take the new taxes on lab equipment, and all types of equipment such as crutches, wheel chairs, etc.. They are taxes the vendors of such services will have to pay.  However, if you are a small wholesale distributor (as we were when we had our business) marginally getting by, the only way you can stay in business is to pass on that extra cost to the consumer.  SO, OBAMA, PELOSI AND REID, (won’t know whats in the bill until it’s passed)  who do you think is paying that cost. HMMMM!  OH YES, THE MIDDLE CLASS, WHERE OBAMA IS NOT GOING TO TAX ONE DIME!  Unless you get to read the bill!

Don’t forget, those are just 2 of the 21 taxes American middle class will have to pay, because of the Obama administration.

OBAMA HEALTH sCARE PROGRAM must be stopped, or no one will be able to afford being sick.

If anyone takes exception to the fact that this article in this blog only shows one side of the issue, I ask you to open up your eyes and realize the main stream media is constantly doing that.  They constantly ignore the good points of the republicans while ignoring the problems and gaffs of the democrats!  They over-emphasize the mistakes of republicans, while downplaying the multiple stupidities of the democrats!

One final point:

Biden and Obama continue to say “Republicans want to raise taxes on the middle class to cut taxes for Millionaires!  That is a lie!

There is only one team running in this race wanting to RAISE TAXES, and that is Obama-Biden.  Romney-Ryan want to cut taxes for everyone.  That will truly create a new economic parameter that will increase business activity making life better for ALL Americans!

Why Allen West could have been the VP choice for Romney!

Allen West, member of the United States House ...
Allen West, member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill Maher, the “comedian” who is one of Barack Obama’s biggest donors, is even getting involved. He called Congressman Allan West an ape! Sounds a little racist there Billy Boy!

Referring to the above comment, Allen West is 1,000 times smarter than Bill Maher! Allen grew up on the streets of Atlanta.  He can talk “Street Talk” or like a college grad!  Allen has two  Masters Degrees!  Did Bill Maher even go to college?

I am happy with Paul Ryan as the vice presidential pick by Romney.  However, he could have also been in great shape if he picked Allen West.   Conservative black Americans are often ridiculed or ignored by the liberal media!  I could give many reasons why Allen West would have been an excellent pick, but let me just cite two reasons.  Everyone in the military holds Allen in the highest regard!  The troops love Allen, because they know he would put himself out on a limb to keep his men safe!

The second reason is that in a debate with Joe Biden, the public would see the difference between a pin-headed liberal and a real conservative, American patriot!

To conclude this point I want to say I look forward to the day we can get behind Allen West for the first, real black American President!


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