Obama’s destructive Policies Predicted in A 1934 Cartoon!

Obama the Destroyer!

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1934 Prophecy

This prophetic cartoon was about an Obama-lite president called FDR! In 1939 FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury made the statement, “…all that money spent and nothing to show for it…”
Obama certainly hasn’t learned from history! Or maybe he did, and wants the destruction his policies will bring upon the nation! Be sure to read the message in the lower left hand of the cartoon. If you can’t read the message click on either Lili or Al’s FACE Book (facebook.com/sgtalusmc)

Is It Time To Organize The Revolution? Part 2: An Action Plan

pascalAbout a month ago I wrote an article entitled “Is It Time To Organize The Revolution?” Since that time there have been a series of developments that have forced me to change my focus. There are a number of groups planning marches on Washington D.C. including one that is an armed march scheduled for July 4. For those who may have missed it, I wrote about it yesterday. At that point I was full of emotion and probably should have collected my thoughts before writing. But what’s done is done.

My focus is not to endorse or discredit any of these marches at this point. I can not stop them from happening. What I must realize is that if I were planning the marches I may do them a little differently but I am not and we are all on the same team. For starters I would not have picked July 4th. That’s when our twins are due. :-)

Do I think that an armed march on Washington D.C. is crazy? You bet I do. I have talked to a few people that are going and though it is being advertised as a “peaceful” march, certain individuals do not see it that way. I must come to  grips with the fact that this could be the start of revolution in this country. Shots could be fired and it could trigger a very serious response. That could be the day that some of us have waited for and others have feared.

gwconstitutionThe bottom line is that I support my fellow patriots in their desire to take back our country. I may not agree with their methods but that does not mean that I am going to leave them swinging in the wind without my support. Even though we can’t always agree on which path we should take, we all want the same thing. We want a country that honors the constitution on which it was founded.

With these planned marches, and especially the armed march, I must assume that things could get serious in a hurry and I don’t have time to gather the services of a constitutional attorney and prepare our list of grievances, as we first planned. The best thing I can possibly do now is help people organize on a local and regional level.

One of the biggest concerns I hear is that people feel isolated. They don’t know anyone in their area that they can trust in a SHTF situation. So that’s what I intend to do. That is my top priority from here on out. I want to help people find those contacts.

With that said, we are presenting no endorsement of violence or unprovoked attack. But if the revolution happens due to circumstances beyond our control, it is my intention to make sure everyone is as organized as possible and has a variety of local contacts that they can trust when things get serious.

This system is not perfect and it will have to grow with us, but we must start somewhere. To start we are going to break the country down into 10 regions based on zip codes. As I am able to find volunteers and we are able to grow our numbers, we will attempt to break it down further. For now it is a simple system with some flaws. My best suggestion is that you use whatever resources you need to, to find your network of people.

zipmapLet me use myself as an example. I am at the very edge of “Region 6″ which is Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. If I drive a half hour I am into Oklahoma or Arkansas which are both part of “Region 7.” Therefore it would likely be in my best interest to network with people from “Region 7″ as well. Do you understand my point? The system is not perfect so I have to do whatever I can to make it work for me. My biggest concerns are Region 8 and Region 5 which are massive geographical areas with sparse population centers spread across the country side. Region 9 will also be a concern because it includes Alaska and Hawaii. We will have to break these areas down to state areas as soon as we possibly can.

The reason I had to start with only 10 regions is simply because I am just one man. As we get more help in the form of “administrators” or “moderators” and more numbers in the form of “members” we will begin to act accordingly.

The purpose of these groups will be to share information that is helpful and to develop relationships WHICH CAN BE TAKEN OFF-LINE. Friend request posts will be encouraged. If you want to post something like “Is anyone in the group near Salt Lake?” then that is exactly what the group is for. If you want to share news of a march on your state capitol, that is perfect as well. That is not to say that pictures, opinions, advice and articles will not be allowed. But the groups will become what the members make of them. If people have expertise in weapons, survival, communications or anything else that will help a fellow patriot…that is what I would hope we would be sharing with each other. We must strengthen our weakest links. Most of us are not veterans. Most of us are not Ham Radio operators. Most of us are not first-aid experts. We all need to be teachers whenever we can.

I am going to give you the link to all groups momentarily but I need you to understand that when you get there it will show only two members (Dean Garrison and Redd W. Blue). Redd W. Blue is my alternate account. I am looking at kicking things off around Wednesday March 27th after the finishing touches have been added. At that time I will approve everyone and we will start rolling.

First let’s get you signed up for your group(s) immediately. All of these links will open in a new tab or window so do not worry, you will not lose this article by clicking. Click on the link below for your appropriate group or groups. These are hosted on Facebook for now. If we find a better solution we will use it but time is an issue and we need to get started today.

OK now that you have put in your request, please remember that the goal is Wednesday March 27th. I am hoping to find a few administrators in the mean time to help take some of the burden off of my shoulders.

There is one other page I want you to “like” on Facebook. The D.C. Clothesline maintains a page on Facebook for our readers. This is a way to keep connected with the entire group of people, from all over the country and to keep abreast of any developments. Please like our page here. This will help you keep in contact with others while you are waiting to find people in your area.

A lot of people ask me, on a daily basis, what they can do to help. To give you a history, I have been working about 70-80 hours a week for several months now trying to get everyone together. This is like a personal ministry for me so I really don’t mind doing it. I am not perfect but I have done my very best. There are several things that everyone can do to help. Here are a few that come to mind.

  1. viralmarketingPlease make this post go as viral as possible. I am sure that some of our “Regions” could be starting with fairly small memberships. We will deal with that if we have to. But we want the best possible start we can get. If I live in “Region 8″ and on Wednesday I see we only have 50 members in Region 8, that will be a bit frustrating. If you have your own blog, please run this article if you can. Please share this on Facebook, by email, Twitter, Tea Party Community, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any other place you can think of. We must get as many people as we can to start. If you belong to groups or have your own pages, please share it there. If everyone does whatever they can, we will get the numbers.
  2. If you are willing to be an administrator/moderator in your region, please contact me. Tell me your region and tell me a little bit about yourself. I am not necessarily looking for experts of any kind. I am looking for people who can spend some time in the group each day. If you can share some good material it would be great. If you have any kind of special expertise that’s great too. But mostly I need a time commitment. I need people that spend a lot of time on facebook. I will need people who can ban disruptive users and things of that nature. If people are trying to sell get-rich-quick schemes or posting porn we will want them blocked. If we get infiltrated with liberals we will want them blocked as well. If you are willing to be an administrator/moderator please tell me which Region you are in and send me an email to: dean.garrison.99@gmail.com Please volunteer by email only. I get upwards of 1000 messages a day due to the success of our blog and I must remain organized.
  3. Once you are approved, you can add your friends to the group. I thought long and hard about this and we need numbers and quick growth. I don’t want you to add everyone you know to the group. But I do want you to add Patriots from your area. You can add them directly at all 10 pages. No moderator will have to approve them. Just try to add only people in your area. The system isn’t perfect and I’m sure that we will have some lady from Alaska end up in Region 1. It’s bound to happen. When it does we just need to take it on a case by case basis. I will place links to all 10 regions on all of the “about” pages.
  4. If you are able to financially afford it, please consider a donation. The more money we bring in, the more things we can do. For instance, our blogs have gone over 1.2 million hits since November 18th (the day I started The D.C. Clothesline on a free wordpress site). We have not spent one single dime in advertising and still averaged about 300,000 hits a month. But if we had the money to do some advertising it would certainly accelerate our growth. I don’t want to pressure anyone. I know what it’s like to be poor so just do what you can. There are many ways to help. But if you can donate, I have placed a button below this article.
  5. If you have particular expertise that can allow you to do some teaching, please consider joining all ten groups. For instance, if you are a Ham Operator your skills and advice will be needed by people all over the country. Joining more than one region and helping to teach people could be your way of contributing.

I need to go back and summarize a little because I am in such a rush to get this article out that it is one of the driest pieces I have written in a long time. It is time for you to get out of denial. This armed march on D.C. is looking like it is going to happen no matter what you or I feel about it. Some of us will be there. Some of us won’t. But we have to understand that this is an armed march and things could happen on July 4th that will change our country forever. It will effect all of us. If martial law is declared, our federal government has the power to shut off the internet, cell phones, energy sources and even food supplies. We can thank Barack Obama for making sure of that with two executive orders signed in 2012.

We do not have to endorse anything that may happen to realize that it could very well effect us all. If something does happen I will not be throwing my fellow Patriots under the bus. That will be my call to action. It is time to prepare and time to organize. I have done the best that I can do to give us a starting point. How successful our preparations are will depend on each and every one of you.

Molon Labe!

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About Dean Garrison

I am a truth seeker. My only political allegiance is to the constitution. I still cling to the American Dream but I am currently watching the progression toward the American Nightmare. I will not rest until this country is back on the right course.

210 Responses to Is It Time To Organize The Revolution? Part 2: An Action Plan

Shilah says:

Friends, what is it we want? we want to “take our country back”, right? that basically means take the govt back. So, what about a coup?

A coup could be non-violent (as long as circumstances allow), but would have to be armed; because govt is power, and the ‘progressivs” in office are ‘in power’ & won’t leave voluntarily. They would have to be shown sufficient “persuaders” to be willing to quietly walk away with the patriot handlers. We’d also have to replace as much of their staff as possible at the same time, because they choose their staffers based on party connections & loyalty. (Spoils of war” is what they call it. seriously. I have been involved on several political campaigns.) This ought to ideally all be done on the same day, at the same moment, in as many states as need redemption. Some states are already fine, like North Dakota which recently passed laws recognising the personhood of the fetus. Others need to be rescued from the progressives, like Colorado.

If we are short of manpower, we’d have to choose which states we must take & which ones must be left for another day. Ideally we’d redeem all of the “progressive” (liberal) offices, but we might only have manpower to redeem the majority.

As I see it, our people would select patriotic peopel of integrity to step into the office, and they’d quietly find support staff they want and then be ready for the day. On the chosen day, we go into in the various state capitals, ( having if possible taken out the telephones in the capital building), take the ‘progressive” (traitor) officeholders aside & tell them they are done, & escort them off the property (at gunpoint if necessary- & it may be) to a safe location . they’d need to be held there a while; long enough to understand they are not in office any more; hopefully they’d sign a letter of resignation – if that has to be at gunpoint, so be it.

( It’d be preferable that they not have to be injured to demonstrate we mean business– but they may call our bluff; so I can imagine a situation where the politician/traitor would refuse until injured; so we would be wise to have medical personnel on hand to treat the injuries necessary for their understanding.)

it’d also be wise, if possible, to have a patriotic attorney help draw up the letter of resignation so it’d hold up in court later when challenged. Those damn libs love to use the laws & courts to force us to do things…ok, two can play that little game.

we’d need a patriotic judge to administer an oath of office to the new patriot officeholder, & several patriots to “assist” the previous liberal staff in leaving the premises… might have to hold them in various safe locations till they also understand this is serious & permanent & not a movie or a joke.

We’d need to have contingency plans of course – like allowing the liberal staff-person who has a nursing baby in daycare, to provide milk for the baby – or allow the baby into that safe house.

Also it is quite possible that we may be able to only acess some of the target progressives – such as, if the target officeholder in Hawaii is out of the office with the flu, & the one for Connecticut is traveling, they may have to be detained in other locations besides the state capital. This is another reason why the progressives who are initially removed from office, may have to stay in the safe locations for a day or even several, until things are done.

For certain, some progressives will claim health issues like diabetes etc & try to escape using medical needs as a ruse. That’s why we’ll need medically experienced people (hopefully medically trained), to give care to the ones who legitimately need it & discern which ones are faking it.

Safe houses could be regular residences, or an RV, whatever – even a camping spot – but the progressive former officeholder might have to be physically held at all times at first. Under NO circumstances whatsoever could they be trusted with a phone, pager or any other device of communication. (in fact as soon as possible after being taken, they should be searched & all unnecessary items removed. You never know when a lipstick is actually a pepper spray or a distress beacon.) Our people who’d be holding them would have to be the ones relaying messages to the families of the former prog. officeholder, & later to the press.

The patriots placed into office would need protection, so bodyguards are a good thing.

I’m sure there are holes in this idea but
that’s what you all are here for, to complete it & polish it. :-)

God bless America !