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Great motivational quotes to start your day!  I will borrow these from around the internet and post them here.  This may be done daily, weekly or whenever.  If you subscribe to this sight you will be notified when a new posting is available.


“Goals provide
the energy source
that powers our lives.

One of the best ways
we can get the most
from the energy we have
is to focus it.

That is what goals
can do for us:
our energy.”

– Denis Waitley


“When you handle yourself,
use your head;
when you handle others,
use your heart.”

– Donna Reed



1. Work positive. There are no money problems — only attitude
problems. A go-getter with the proper attitude cannot be denied.

2. Face your fear. You’ll always find the best fishing holes in the
places where the average fisherman is afraid to go.

3. Watch the crowd, then go in the opposite direction.

4. Know value. Until you know value, everything is worthless. As
soon as you know value, everything is valuable.

5. All opportunities are disguised as problems.

6. People who live the Golden Rule get the gold.

7. Money is attracted to great ideas.

8. You are your wealth. The money that flows to you is just a
by-product of your non-financial resources.

9. There is never any failure — only feedback.

10. A network saves legwork.

11. Routine brings results. A disorganized genius is no match for
the average person with a daily routine.

12. There are NO wealth secrets.


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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
– Helen Keller

Picture it…

It’s the middle of the summer and you’re standing on the
high-diving board at your community pool. Everyone is looking up at
you. You’ve never done this before and you’re scared to death. What
are you going to do?

Are you very safely and cautiously going to tiptoe to the end of
the board, hold your nose, and jump in feet first? Or, with
everyone watching you, are you going to go for that big,
spectacular swan dive and risk an embarrassing, painful belly flop?

You know the answer: DO NOT HOLD YOUR NOSE! Go for that spectacular
swan dive.

Here’s the ultimate question that will impact every aspect of your
life: Are you going to hold back or are you going to go all out?
Ever notice how all the movie heroes and heroines go all out? If
you want to be the hero or heroine of your own life — go all out.

When you keep holding your nose and jumping in feet first, you’re
training yourself to play it safe and you’ll end up living a life
of mediocrity. No one shocks the world by holding back and playing
it safe. Do you think anyone ever got into the history books by
playing it safe and holding back? Of course not! So if you want
your life to be a daring adventure — go all out!

It’s much better to go all out and fail spectacularly than
cautiously hold back and play it safe. At the end of your life are
you going to say to yourself, “I’m glad I did” or “I wish I had”?
If you don’t attempt to swan dive off that high-diving board at
least once, you’re going to have regrets.