Is This Why Four Million Republicans Failed to Vote in 2012?

I originally thought the 4 million Republicans stayed away from the polls because Romney was a Mormon.  After this information reached here, I changed my mind and realize 4 million Americans were weak and easily intimidated!  Obama and the Democrats have ruined the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have read all the accusations of voter fraud and even if 10% are true, it is sad. (See  earlier blog titled How Technology, Illegal Alien Votes, and Chicago Thug Tricks Won for Obama!)  But I would like to tell you about an experience my cousin and his wife had when they went to vote. Where they voted the Black Panthers were there intimidating white people by walking up to them and just standing next to them as they stood inline outside to vote. (Black Panthers were not allowed inside). This caused many to just leave. (not them) To me this is voter fraud via intimidation!

If you received a history degree in the last 30 years you wasted your time. True history was thrown by the wayside by the left a while ago. Watch Wild Bill on the video below. He has a tendency to just cut to the chase: