OBAMA-SCare! We are in for it Now! Have a Merry Christmas anyway!

Comments about the Health Cost Increases and Lessening of Medical Services act I call Obama-SCare will follow. First,
2012 was a very busy year with the election and all that came with it.  We are so happy it is all over with!
Here is a parting thought for the 2012 election: It is meant to be funny, so please LOL!
The election is over and your guy won!
Let’s stay friends and have a lot of fun!
If we forget the past we will show class!
So, I’m going to be hugging my GOP elephant,
While you  kiss your democrat ass!

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Here is the advertisement that lead me to the portal:
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By the way, sometimes I get emails from people that say they don’t know me.  When that happens I delete them immediately! I may have picked you up from my Vietnam blog or my political blog-If you do not want to hear from me again, please put “Remove” in the subject line and send it back. I will remove you.

The Battista’s
We thank God for the Blessings we have; and the blessings we are receiving!
We thank God, for everything!

Below is an advertisement by Newsmax, but it said everything I wanted to comment about!  I do not receive any commission if you buy the book, but it is vital we know how to protect ourselves from this 2700 page monster that is about to devour the USA and all of the citizens in it.

Warning: Only 9 days remain until new provisions of ObamaCare take effect.

With these massive changes coming under ObamaCare, one thing is certain, your healthcare costs will go higher, even as you see fewer doctors, get fewer choices, and have access to fewer medical services.

Some people say ObamaSCare is a government takeover of our healthcare system…

But more accurately it’s a government overhaul of 17% of our economy, with thousands of new provisions, regulations, taxes, fees, and penalties.

It’s not an overstatement to say that healthcare will change for every single person in America!

Most people have no idea that there is a new 40% tax on some healthcare plans or that the “Medicaid Parity Rule” will hurt seniors on Medicare. There are hundreds of other changes to how your healthcare will be defined and delivered.

Fortunately, there’s help to wade through the law and massive regulations . . .

Newsmax wants you to be fully informed so you can not only survive ObamaCare, but thrive under its new rules, mandates, and regulations.

Protect yourself and your family.

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A new guide reveals the full truth about the 2,700-plus pages of ObamaCare. It reveals the secrets and loopholes in the new law.

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