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Will Obama ever be Truthful? Will the Media ever start Calling him out on his Lies?

I’m glad you didn’t mention Dec 2012 in Connecticut in the article about Mass Murders/Shootings.   Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was supposed to have occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut. It  MAY NOT HAVE EVER HAPPENED, or if it did it was a Homeland Security drill gone awry. 

I first became aware of something wrong here when I used that shooting in an email. I received several challenges to go to the FBI murder statistics, by city and state, and see how many murders took place in Newtown, CT in 2012.  Surprise!  The Feds said zero, nada, zilch! Nobody died in Newtown in Dec 2012.

I assumed it was a question of over lapping borders or something like that. I google-mapped all the surrounding towns then checked the FBI chart again. No city or town in Connecticut had 26 murders during December of 2012.

It hasn’t been in the media, but a guy that gathered this and other facts to show a fraud was foisted on us in Newtown is suing the major media outlets for not doing their job on this fraud. It may never be reported, and I hope this guy has some great body guards!

The only theory that makes sense is that it was a Homeland Security drill.  The media thought it was real, reported it assuch, and Obama, “never letting a crises go to waste” jumped on it for reasons of gun control.



As of today, it still says 0 murders in NEWTOWN:

 Newtown 27,904

Violence      Murders     Rape       Robbery       Assault        Property     Burglar    Larceny    Auto theft   Arson

7                  0                    5           0                   2               185           32            151           2           1

Home About Us CJIS UCR Crime in the U.S. 2012 Crime in the U.S. 2012 Tables 8TableDataDecPDF Table 8 State cuts Table 8 – Connecticut

As of today, it still says 0 murders in NEWTOWN:

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Table 8


Offenses Known to Law Enforcement

by City, 2012

CHECK IT OUT: Newtown, pop. 27,904

Violent      Murder and manslaughter
crime                                 Rape    Robbery     Assault      Property     Burglary   Larceny   Auto      Arson

7                     0                    5           0                   2               185           32            151             2           1

Offenses Known to Law Enforcement

by City, 2012


Other memorable shootings from around the world. EXPOSED: Another lie by Obama, when he infers the mass shooting are an American invention.

We had some white loser shoot up a black church and our president couldn’t wait to get to a microphone and use this tragedy to call for gun control. There are many things he could have said about how tragic this was and how we needed to come together but no, he had to climb upon these dead bodies and use this as an excuse to try to take away our guns.

Here’s a little question. If a black dude had shot up a church full of white people would Obumbler have gone on television? Of course not.

And then he said stuff like this doesn’t happen in other civilized countries. Did he already forget about the massacre in Paris? Is France not an industrialized country? And France has strict gun control laws. Did that stop the Charlie Hebdo shootings? Nope! And it was in Norway where some deranged dude shot up a children’s camp. And this church in Charleston was a gun free facility. Did that stop the shooter? When one of these deranged dudes sees a sign that says “This is a gun free facility” it’s a big welcome sign because he knows no one will shoot back.

Some of the worst mass shootings since 1987.

__ July 20, 2012: At least 12 people are killed when a gunman enters an Aurora, Colo., movie theater, releases a canister of gas and then opens fire during opening night of the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises.”

_ July 22, 2011: Confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik kills 77 in Norway in twin attacks: a bombing in downtown Oslo and a shooting massacre at a youth camp outside the capital. The self-styled anti-Muslim militant admitted both attacks.

_ Nov. 5, 2009: Thirteen soldiers and civilians were killed and more than two dozen wounded when a gunman walked into the Soldier Readiness Processing Center at Fort Hood, Texas, and opened fire. Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder.

_ April 30, 2009: Farda Gadyrov, 29, enters the prestigious Azerbaijan State Oil Academy in the capital, Baku, armed with an automatic pistol and clips. He kills 12 people before killing himself as police close in.

_ March 10, 2009: Michael McLendon, 28, killed 10 people – including his mother, four other relatives, and the wife and child of a local sheriff’s deputy – across two rural Alabama counties. He then killed himself.

_ Sept. 23, 2008: Matti Saari, 22, walks into a vocational college in Kauhajoki, Finland, and opens fire, killing 10 people and burning their bodies with firebombs before shooting himself fatally in the head.

_ Nov. 7, 2007: After revealing plans for his attack in YouTube postings, 18-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen fires kills eight people at his high school in Tuusula, Finland.

_ April 16, 2007: Seung-Hui Cho, 23, kills 32 people and himself on Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va.

_ April 26, 2002: Robert Steinhaeuser, 19, who had been expelled from school in Erfurt, Germany, kills 13 teachers, two former classmates and policeman, before committing suicide.

_ April 20, 1999: Students Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, opened fire at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., killing 12 classmates and a teacher and wounding 26 others before killing themselves in the school’s library.

_ April 28, 1996: Martin Bryant, 29, bursts into cafeteria in seaside resort of Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia, shooting 20 people to death. Driving away, he kills 15 others. He was captured and imprisoned.

_ March 13, 1996: Thomas Hamilton, 43, kills 16 kindergarten children and their teacher in elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland, and then kills himself.

_ Oct. 16, 1991: A deadly shooting rampage took place in Killeen, Texas, as George Hennard opened fire at a Luby’s Cafeteria, killing 23 people before taking his own life. 20 others were wounded in the attack.

_ June 18, 1990: James Edward Pough shoots people at random in a General Motors Acceptance Corp. office in Jacksonville, Fla., killing 10 and wounding four, before killing himself.

_ Dec. 6, 1989: Marc Lepine, 25, bursts into Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique college, shooting at women he encounters, killing nine and then himself.

_ Aug. 19, 1987: Michael Ryan, 27, kills 16 people in small market town of Hungerford, England, and then shoots himself dead after being cornered by police.

Look at all of the shootings in Europe which has much stricter gun laws than we do. Guns are not the problem! Crazy people are.


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7.8% Unemployment = Fuzzy Math! They Think We’re Stupid!

In the light of an incompetent, empty-suited, amateur, debating as a play-acting  president, all of the stops will be pulled out of the democrat closet to end Obama’s slide. However, if you love the USA,  you will not get sucked into this obvious “baloney”, and get behind the candidate that will stop our national slide into the “gulags” of socialism!

Do the democrats think we are stupid to fall for a 3/10 of a point drop in unemployment with the puny new job count of 114,000?  That doesn’t take care of the people graduating from college, forget denting the existing unemployment rate! Even if they claim a re-evaluation of July and August, added 60,000 jobs.  IN FACT, THERE ARE A MILLION LESS PEOPLE WORKING SINCE OBAMA BECAME PRESIDENT.   His puny addition of jobs reflects his poor policies.  For almost 4 years we have watched the slight job numbers move the statistics a 0.1 or so each month.  Now, all of a sudden, even if the additional 60,000 is added on to the 114,000, it doesn’t add up to 3/10 of a point.

In fact, several economists reported in the Wall Street Journal that we would see a job number of 113,000 in September.  The numbers indicated that would leave unemployment at 8.2%. So, how did we come up with the 7.8%?  I can’t give you all of the facts, but I’m sure you’ll hear the rest of the story soon enough!  To answer the question, here’s how:


Obama has the sight of an eagle but the vision of a clam!

There are a number of ways unemployment is measured. All of the various other measures  show unemployment remains         the same in September as they were in August and July.
However, there is a new method (or maybe not so new), that depends on collecting survey data by phoning some thousands
of business and homes.  The 7.8 % is based on the survey, not any of the usual indicators!  When I was in the work place, and also in my education in Communication Arts, we learn that survey’s can be easily manipulated.

Here’s how: you do your first several  thousand surveys.  The data doesn’t come out exactly as you would like.  Let us say originally the data showed things remained the same at 8.2%.  So you move your survey to Northern Virginia and North Dakota where unemployment is less than 4% (considered full employment) . Do a few more surveys and mix the numbers where we have
full employment in with the original 8.2% numbers and voila! NOW WE HAVE 7.8%!

You don’t have to believe me, but if you are honest with yourself you know the national economic picture is as bleak as it has been for the last 4 years. (Yes, I include Bush, but recognize his handicap with the democrats controlling both houses of Congress his last two years.)

We no longer need to feel Romney isn’t doing the job! I have been critical, thinking he should do more! However,  his performance will remain consistent.  I expect in the next two debates Obama will do better, but Romney will do as well as he did in the first.  Romney obviously is the most presidential candidate we’ve had in many years.  He is focused on fixing our national problems!  He is sincere and honest!  If you know anything about him you will know his main desire in life is to serve others. Our youth need an example like Romney to emulate, not Jay Zee and the other “rappers” Obama likes to pal around with.

We have been hearing about the airing of this documentary for months, and it did not happen.   Maybe Bill Clinton has it right this time and the documentary will be broadcast.
2016-The Movie – SUNDAY NIGHT 9:00 pm Eastern/8:00 pmCentral October 7, 2012
Fox News is going to air the documentary Obama 2016.
HEADS UP For This Sunday Night 9:00 PM
SUNDAY NIGHT – VERY IMPORTANT.    This Coming Sunday —
Set Your DVR for the Fox News channel at  9:00 PM
Eastern. Maybe this is why the White House has been
discounting FOX.  Sounds like this could be history in
the making someone may go down – either Obama or Fox
News.  It may be that Fox has been holding this
information back due to the sensitivity of it and out of
courtesy.  But, Obama has taken on Fox and it appears
they are ready to spill the ugly beans of truth about
the background of this individual who has had an
extremely radical past. This

Sunday,  Fox News is going
to air a very important documentary about  Barack Obama,
Sunday night at 9P.M. Eastern.

The report will go back to Obama’s earlier days, showing
even then his close ties to radical Marxist professors,
friends, spiritual advisers, etc.
It will also reveal details about his ties to Rev.
Wright for 20+ years, i.e., how he was participating
with this man, and not for the reasons he stated.

The report has uncovered more of Obama’s radical past
and we will see things that no one in the  media is
willing to put out there.  It will be a segment to
remember. Mark your calendar and pass this on to
everyone you know:  Sunday night, 8 PM CT; 9 PM ET.
Democrat or Republican, this report will open your eyes
to how YOUR country is being sold down the road to
Totalitarian Socialism.  If you care about the direction
of our country, pass this notice on to everyone you




That link is no longer available.  If you go to you can see it if but you have to pay now.

Politicians of both parties: Heed this waste! We are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore!

 The politicians waste so much money!  If the “demon er” democrats keep control it will only get worse!
Debbie Schlussel writes today that Batman shooter James Holmes got the money to buy thousands of dollars in guns, bullets, and tactical gear from student loans and/or federal aid to students.
On Monday Afternoon, University of Colorado officials announced that Holmes was paid $26,000 per year for his studies.

Although the money was not a loan, it was, indeed, federal aid.

Schlussel writes that a secular Muslim client  told her that University of Phoenix and Davenport University–two national chains of for-profit colleges have a lot of students who simply live off of thousands of dollars in federal aid and go to school forever.

The client told me that University of Phoenix began to crack down on this, but that Davenport did not. He also told me that many Muslim students engage in this as a sort of “halal” money (permissible money) because it’s the money of the infidels and seen as an easy scam.

And there’s very little oversight.

Since 9/11, I know that federal agents briefly looked into foreign students doing this and using it to live while they either didn’t attend class or had someone take their tests for them, as has happened in several student visa fraud rings.

But the feds did little about this–students collecting loans and other federal aid while they were not legitimately in school, even though some of the students collecting the money had apparent terrorist ties.

If students linked to Islamic terrorism can get away with it, why not this average, unknown White guy?

If students can go to the online universities for years on end and live off of the aid, it’s not surprising that Holmes, who had special grants from the government for his specific, unique course of study, could do the same.

Doctoral students receive free tuition, and most get federally sponsored 12-month grants of $26,000, about $500 a week.

I’m sure there will be all kinds of grandstanding Congressional committee hearings and pretense of clamping down on this.

But it’s been going on for years.

And if it didn’t take 9/11 to tighten up the system, this won’t change it either.

There is always a way around the system for terrorists and monsters who mastermind evil.