Axelrod Lies to Protect Obama’s Lies!

Please be sure you read Bishop Jackson’s story below:

First, note that the democrats think the public is stupid!  Bishop Jackson explains part of that below.  However, the point needed
here is that Axelrod tells a big lie, to  protect a lie by Obama.

By now, you have all had a chance to see that Mitt Romney, though not perfect, is a man of integrity!  As we often note, the person pointing the finger at another has 3 fingers pointed back at himself.  When Axelrod and the other democrats say “Romney is a liar.”  they are indicting themselves.  Maybe Romney has said it, but I have not heard him call anyone a liar! What is Axelrod’s lie?

Obama constantly blames his failures on the republicans in Congress.  Obama made a pledge to close down Gitmo in his first year in office.  He did not do that, despite the fact he had a veto proof Senate and great majority in The House of Representatives for all of his first year, and most of his 2nd year in office.  Today, Obama and Axelrod are blaming the failure to close Gitmo on the Congress!  They are claiming that closing Gitmo would take an act of Congress. While Congress has to appropriate the money, Obama could close Gitmo down any time he wants to.  He could tell the military, “take them back to their country of origin!”  That would settle the matter.

I find it funny that the only President to force whatever is politically expedient for himself via Executive Orders, and jammed an expensive and useless health care bill down the throats of the public, he would use the excuse, “Whaa! Congress won’t let me! Whaa!”

Black Bishop tears into Obama! This is the most compelling, truthful message I have seen so far!

This is the most compelling, truthful, rooted and grounded statement I have heard to the Black community (especially to Christians) from anyone thus far! Bishop E.W. Jackson is absolutely spot on and his message couldn’t be more timely.

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Here is the message:

Bishop E.W. Jackson Message to Black Christians

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The truth shall set you free!