Republican Blood is Running in the Streets!

The sneaky AMBUSH by Fox, lead by meg, was 1000 times more vile than Trump’s comment!  In 2 hours THURSDAY I went from loving Megyn Kelly to hating “hateful meg”   OUR HOUSE WILL NEVER WATCH FOX WHEN ANY OF THE THREE BUSHWACKERS ARE ON.

TRUMP WAS NEVER MY FIRST CHOICE, but as long as these slime-balls keep attacking him, he keeps moving up in my book! Also, Red State is off the list of reliable information sources!

PEOPLE, A BUSH WILL NEVER WIN A RACE IN THIS DECADE!  THIS EFFORT IS TO HELP BUSH!  IF THEY WANT HIM SO BADLY, HAVE HIM RUN AS HILLBILLY CLINTON’S RUNNING MATE!  REMEMBER THE BUSH FAMILY SAYS CLINTON IS A BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER.  Ever since January 2007 it has been obvious there is a Clinton hiding behind every Bush!   If we get Jeb, we have Hilly!  If we get Hilly, we have Jeb!

There are only four people to consider as the Republican nominee: Ben Carson, MD; Ted Cruz; Trump and Carly Fiorina. I’m not 100% sure of Carly, yet!  She has all the words down pat, but so didn’t Obama!  Slogans for each: I’M RUNNING FOR BEN!  I’M CRUIS’N WITH CRUZ! WE’LL TRIUMPH WITH TRUMP! WATCHING WITH CARLY!

Why Dr Ben?  He knows how to solve problems.  He figured out how to separate Siamese Twins attached at the brain by God, and have both of them live normal lives!  He figured out how to fix the brain of an infant, inside God’s protective womb of the mother.  If he can figure out those problems he can figure out how to fix the problems created by politicians with half a brain!

Why Cruz? People voted for Obama because he was the Affirmative Action head of a Harvard student newspaper (where he never published an article)! We know nothing about his grades as a student! In fact we really know very little about him at all! Ted Cruz graduated at the top of his class at Harvard!  Ted Cruz is courageous! He stands up to the career politicians that run the Repugnant party! He also stands up to the Demonrats!  He was accused of hurting Republican chances in the election of 2014 due to his efforts to stand up for the American citizen, middle-class worker– instead, because he is one of the few Republicans to stand up for American workers (while no Democrat does) he helped repubs win control of the Senate and keep the House of Representatives!

TRUMP IS TRUMP!  Maybe it is time to get a Brash, No-holds-barred kind of problem solver in the government!  We will always know what is going on and where everything stands with Donald Trump in Washington!

Carly Fiorina, a new star on the scene.  I like her, now, but believe she needs to be studied a little more!  She certainly has all the right phrases.  People, let’s not be deceived again! Obama had the same ability to spew the things the electorate wanted to hear! He was smooth, neat and spoke with a silver tongue.  50% of America is deceived by these traits.  Let’s wake up and watch all the candidates before we jump on the band-wagon!

Yes, I like a handful of others, but like Trump, “‘if we can’t respect the eventual nominee of the Republicans, if he is out of the Repugnant camp,” I will have to support a third party candidate!!!

Advice for the Democrat Party: Jim Webb is the only one I would consider as a candidate!

Anti Obama and Clinton Floats in annual Carnival Parade in Germany!

My African-American brothers, please get behind Dr Ben Carson!  He will restore rightful image of all Americans!
These floats were part of the annual Carnival Parade in Germany – watched by an estimated three million people in three German cities including Düsseldorf.

Doesn’t it make you feel proud that the entire world is laughing at OUR expense? 

Get in the Now! Stop Blaming Mistakes from the Past!

A photo of G W Bush started this dialogue. Add your thoughts:

Keith Koblitz like him, hate him he was what you saw. Look at how he has conducted himself since leaving the whitehouse, now compare him to others like Clinton and Carter…..

Tony Smith LOL. Whoever created this meme knows nothing about the English language, because this is a qualified admission from Bush, who also knows noting about the English language, that he sold his soul.

I agree with GW: He didn’t sell his soul for popularity. He sold it for money and power.

Tamara Blessing No, he sold his soul to the devil so he could be part of the Skull and Bones like all of his family. They also did business with the Nazis in Argentina, etc, etc. Shinning example of morality!

Al Battista Sure, W Bush (and his dad) made some bad mistakes, but the entire USA made a terrible mistake when they let that communist-muslim into the White House.

Al Battista If the USA lets HillBilly (ya, you get 2 for 1, remember) in, then it’s over for us. Bush’s might be Skull and Bones, but HillBilly are a couple of perverts that practice gangsterism, witchcraft and the Hustle! How come so many people are so deceived they can’t see through these crooks?

Al Battista By the way, Did W really do anything for power, and he is already wealthy beyond belief? Sure, people that run for the prez position are all egos looking for power. However, after leaving office he has done nothing to enhance his position in power or wealth…See More

Tony Smith So, Al, you’re saying that because O and HillBilly are bad that makes it okay GW was bad, too? Do you know how many people this poltroon murdered for the sake of his ego and profits?
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Keith Koblitz I like the story that a few days after saying Hitlary said they were flat broke one, I can’t remember which, made a speeh for $700,000, and when she was making her dirt poor interview she actually said that they were struggling to buy houses …See More (SEE BLOG AMATEURVSCOMPETENT.WORDPRESS.COM FOR THE TINY SHACK THEY WERE ABLE TO BUY WHEN BROKE!)
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Deauna Stafford Wow The misrepresentation of George W. Bush is astonishing
His days in college and when he was a professed alcoholic are far different than the day he was reborn again in Christ; became a devout Christian with the personal relationship with Jesus Christ; A great Governor; I devoted husband and father; and all-around outstanding human being

To throw stones at him after repenting and changing his life is a sad state of our country

To each that have no sin cast the first stone

George Bush and 48 other countries invaded Iraq with Democrat leadership beating the drums louder than any Republican – starting with Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Albright in the 90s

Shame on those who claim to know George Bush’s heart

I’m all for debate and respect everyone’s view even when they differ from mine

I’ve now stated my view

I still love y’all & hope you love me

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Al Battista I agree! Yet, we do know what is in his heart when we see him out of office, still going to military hospitals bringing love, cheer and God to wounded troops. He also did that while in office. (unlike some one else we won’t mention, but we know as BO)! We also see him participating with wounded troops on bike rides, jogs, etc.
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Al Battista W is real! He shows his care and love for the troops even after leaving office. He also did in office. (Unlike BO). Yes, If I was prez I wouldn’t have gone into the very contained Iraq, but yes you are right, the dems really pushed for it. Then, once troops committed did all they could to interfer, complain and hurt the war effort. Sort of like LBJ, getting us into Vietnam, then not supporting the troops.
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Al Battista Deauna, is Tony a friend of you and Larry? He may be a nice guy, but he shows what’s in his heart with his hatred of Bush! By the way, ‘as dumb as I find most libs to be, I don’t hate them. I realize you can’t reason with them, but hate only poisons me! I don’t need that poison. Perfect love castes out all hate and fear!
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Al Battista In case anyone wonders, Larry and I both know how terrible war is! The person that desires peace more than anyone is the Warrior!
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Tony Smith LOL. It happens again—call a spade a spade and you get accused of being a lib every time. Well, Al, if by “lib” you meant “libertarian,” you got me right. I believe in freedom. Anything less is anathema.

I love how Bushites always try to defend his cr…See More
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Tony Smith Yes, W is real. He’s a real ass.
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Al Battista Like the man said, “It takes one to know one!”
By the way, what is the mania about Bush? He’s been gone for 6 years, and effectively neutralized for 8, after PaLousy /Hairy Reed took over the last 2 years of his term. Tony, I don’t know if you’re a lib or not, but you really need to start being concerned with where we are, and where we are going. BE ADVISED: Obama is not incompetent, like so many say! In fact he is doing exactly what he wants to do! If HillBilly wins they will continue the 3rd term of Obama’s destruction of the USA! You either want a strong USA, so we can have a stable World, or you want destruction everywhere! There is no alternative!
Al Battista’s photo.
I’d rather he was an incompetent fool, than what he really is!

Al Battista I’ve been a Libertarian since 1979. We went to one of their first organizational meeting in Washington, District of Corruption when we lived there. Although I worked hard for the defeat of Kerry, I did not change my Party to RepublICAN until Romney ran in 2008, so I could vote for him in the primary. Only those with a vested interest in another candidate or the uninformed could not see that Romney’s record was the best to successfully fix the broken parts of our USA. I will probably change back to Libertarian if Rand makes it to the primaries-although he will be smeared by both demonRats and republicans. Otherwise, Ben Carson is the only other worthwhile candidate! Of course, Americans are so dumbed down today that they will not recognize the genius of the two best candidates! How do we make people see the only viable candidates are the ones that are attacked by leftists and republicans?

Al Battista's photo.
Al Battista's photo.
Al Battista's photo.

HillBilly Clintons, Broke but Better off than the Beverly Hill Billys!

It’s the Senate Stupid!

You may remember the slogan “It’s the economy, stupid” used by Bill Clinton during the 1992 presidential campaign to make the point that George H. W. Bush had not adequately addressed the economy.Clinton’s political strategist, James Carville, posted the phrase inside campaign headquarters as a way to keep the team focused and on message. The phrase later became the de facto slogan for the Clinton election campaign.

The slogan is relevant again in 2012 as Americans consider Barack Obama’s dismal economic record, but if you consider yourself a freedom-loving American, I have a different slogan for you.

“It’s the Senate, stupid.”Most Americans are focused on the presidential race right now, but winning the White House — as critical as it is — won’t be enough to save the country we love without a strong, conservative majority in the United States Senate. It's The Senate Stupid
  • Without a conservative Senate, we won’t repeal ObamaScare.
  • Without a conservative Senate, we won’t balance the budget.
  • Without a conservative Senate, we won’t secure our borders.
  • Without a conservative Senate, we won’t stop the bailouts.
  • And without a conservative Senate, we won’t enact the pro-growth policies needed to get America back to work.

Be Smart. Change the Senate.

If you’re reading this letter, chances are, you follow current events more closely than most and you probably understand the point I’m making — winning the Senate is key to restoring America’s greatness.

The simple fact of the matter is this: a Republican president without a conservative Senate is a waste of a Republican president.

A president can campaign on good policies, but he doesn’t write the bills. As long as liberals are in charge of writing legislation, it will be difficult for a Republican president to sign the right bills into law.

Does anyone think Harry Reid will ever send a bill to the President’s desk to repeal ObamaSCare? The answer is “no” and that’s why I am focused on sending strong conservatives to the Senate who will make that a reality.

Act Now. Support Senate Conservatives.

As we head down the home stretch of the most important election in our lifetime, my challenge to you is this: keep your focus on electing true conservatives to the U.S. Senate. These Senate races aren’t getting the same media attention as the presidential race, but they’re no less important.

This is why I founded the Senate Conservatives Fund, an independent, grassroots organization that helps elect principled leaders to the U.S. Senate, and it’s why I so strongly support its efforts today.

SCF has endorsed eight standout leaders in 2012:

  • Josh Mandel (Ohio)
  • Ted Cruz (Texas)
  • Jeff Flake (Arizona)
  • Richard Mourdock (Indiana)
  • Deb Fischer (Nebraska)
  • George Allen (Virginia)
  • Tom Smith (Pennsylvania)
  • Dan Bongino (Maryland)


These candidates share a strong belief in the principles that make America great and they understand the critical role the U.S. Constitution plays in preserving our freedoms.

These leaders also have records that prove they not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. And they’ve all shown the courage to stand up to their own party’s leaders when it was necessary to support and defend our principles and values.

So if you agree that winning a conservative majority in the U.S. Senate is vital to our nation’s future and if you’re willing to engage in these races even at a time when the media ignores them, then please do three things today.

  • Sign up for SCF email updates so you can stay informed.
  • Make a contribution to help SCF’s endorsed candidates. Without financial support, these candidates won’t be able to get their message out.
  • Forward this email and encourage your family and friends to support these outstanding Senate candidates.

Thank you for your commitment to principles of freedom. We live the greatest country in the world and if we work together in smart and effective ways, I’m confident we can preserve it for generations to come.


Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint
United States Senator

The Senate Conservatives Fund is a grassroots organization with more than 100,000 members that raises money for conservative candidates running for the U.S. Senate. SCF is an independent organization and is not affiliated with the Republican Party or any of its campaign committees.

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