Are Democrats Dreaming, or do The Rest of us Live in a Nightmare?

For some reason, the photo of the lovey-dovey Obama’s would not print out on this blog.  However, you can picture it.  The caption was filled with some sort of drug induced rhetoric: “Surely those of you so filled with anger can see here Truth and not political manipulation. These two people pictured here are not to blame for the corruption.”

The true caption should be: ”  … blame for the corruption as part of the gang of Chicago Thugs.  They didn’t start it, just figured out how to benefit from it!”
Did you know the democrats registered 10,000,000 new voters, and Obama still  lost almost 8,000,000 votes in 2012 over 2008.

The people responsible for this fiasco are the 3,000,000 republicans that did not vote!  Those 3,000,000 will have to answer to God when called to the other side of the veil!


This is from my friends, another Marine and his wife:

Whatever you thought of as your America it was voted out of existence
This is so sad – -but, unfortunately, the facts are true. Can it be reversed? Hard to tell – but we really have to try!



A little something to cheer you up.

We’ve been watching de Tocqueville’s words come to fruition for years
now, and now it’s a done deal.  Those with no skin in the game now
control the elections.

I don’t know who wrote the following analysis of the election, but
he’s dead nuts on the money.  America as we know it is gone forever,
and there’s basically no way to take it back.   Is this sour grapes?
I suspect not.  Time will tell.

Alexis de Tocqueville quotes:

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can
only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves
largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority
always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the
public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over
loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average
age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. ? Alexis
de Tocqueville

What a sad day for the America we knew. The greatest experiment in
individual freedom in the history of the world is gone forever. The
40% of non-white Americans and a large portion of the remaining white
women are now only concerned about what is good for them. There is no
understanding of and no regard for how to pay for the overwhelming
costs of their rampant “me”ism. There is no thought of what will
sustain the country. What they thought they voted for will begin to
fail within months.

This election was about a rising tide of immigrants and takers who
foolishly believe that government is a solution and “owes” them
something. Millennia of experiments in government have proven
government is not the solution… it is the problem. A lesson we no
longer teach in school.

Sadly the takers of America now outnumber the makers. Under 1% of the
people under 30 have ever served, under arms, in defense of the
principles of this nation. The other 99% have nothing invested in its
principles and therefore have nothing to lose with its demise. Future
elections will hinge solely on whose vote the government has
purchased, with other people’s money, over the past term of

This is the signal America has sent its government. The people that
remain are blindly trading their individual freedoms for government
handouts and there will be no solution except the fiscal bankruptcy of
America. Yesterday proved it to be morally bankrupt already.

With current energy policy auto fuel will soon be permanently over
$6.00/gal and private aviation will end within 2 years. The cost of
electricity and home heating oil will see similar rises. The
discretionary cash you will have will be halved within two years and
depleted within four years. Your savings funds will seemingly grow by
1%/yr but what they will buy will be cut by 20%/yr.

Within 16 months availability of medical care will be similar to
Canada’s 6 month wait for elective surgeries. Because reimbursement
for medical care will continue to shrink and be further delayed, fewer
and fewer of our brightest minds will elect medicine as their life’s

In Jan of 2014 virtually all physicians will be employees of the
federal government and people who have worked that hard for their
knowledge will simply quit and apply their brain power elsewhere to a
more profitable end. How long will it be before the federal government
comes after your industry?

Sadly those Americans who voted to stay the existing course cannot
understand the ramifications of their decision. USA treasury yields
dropped to the bottom after yesterday’s reelection of Obama. Last
night billions of dollars of business investment money left our
economy for countries where the business environment is more conducive
to growth. Todays currency markets will reflect that with mild
strengthening of the dollar. In a few days the adjustment will have
been made and the dollar will begin to weaken making everything we buy
more expensive.

Investment dollars will leave industry and the jobs it would have
created. Like the Philippines and Greece and other third world
nations, you will soon see our country pass laws which prevent the
externalization of capital. Businessmen will have moved their assets
long before those laws take effect. The dollar will then fail
precipitously on the world currency markets. Within this
administration the USA will soon loose it’s AAA credit rating. The
cost to support our debt will become untenable. The dollar will stop
being the world’s currency and the BRIC nations will take over that
function. Within two years the explosion of inflation, which we
already see, will continue unabated until a loaf of bread is over

I could go on but I will end with the adage my father recited to me
often. “Experience teaches a dear school but a fool can learn in no
other.” The people who most need to read this letter will never get to
this sentence.

Whatever you thought of as your America it was voted out of existence
last night.