How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed the Worlds Economy!

Always follow the money and the quest for power:
What greedy, power hungry scumbags seem hell-bent on destroying the USA, so they can have its power? We can name George Soros and anyone in his orbit; The democrats; Muslim terrorists; communists world-wide and especially the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)! Maybe all, or some combination of them, working together!
It is a fact 21,000,000 million Chinese cell phones went dark after this virus broke out!  It is true that most of China did not suffer from the virus, just Wuhan province and some surrounding areas! In fact, the Chinese Communist Party put a ring of quarantine around this area for those going to Beijing, Singapore and the rest of China. The Chinese started checking for fever on January 14, 2020! Meanwhile, they let some 50,000 or more people travel around the world following their Lunar New Years Festival January 18, 2020! The CoVID-19 traveled around the world, but did not travel to Beijing or Singapore!
The cover-up!
86% of all exhibiting the symptoms were left undocumented (Science magazine study of 375 cities) prior to travel restrictions and lock down on January 23,2020! Wuhan authorities did not reveal the outbreak until January 23. They first mentioned it to the public on December 31! Authorities downplayed the threat of the virus.Most residence were unaware of the threat and went about their daily lives.
The Chinese government could have contained the outbreak if they were truthful in the first week of January, claims Laurie Garrett,  a Pulitzer Prize winner and expert on epidemics.
The WHO,  citing Chinese research, claimed on January 14, “there is no clear indication of human to human contact!” On January 20, they finally admitted it was contagious.  The CCP actually had the Genetic Sequencing in late December 2019. They announced they had it on January 9, but did not share it with anyone for another 3 or 4 days!
Since the start of this pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party under reported infections and death tolls.  They tried to blame the USA for their crime of starting this pandemic!
If you can’t trust a democrat to tell the truth, you can be sure you can’t trust a communist.  Excuse my redundancy!
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