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9 Embarrassing Pics Show What’s Left After Obama Legacy Met Trump:

After Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush, race relations seemed to be moving in an harmonious manner.  SUDDENLY, the Obama ‘administration takes over and race relations seem to slide back more than 50 years.
Obama’s narcissism, lack of understanding “Peace through Strength” and constant blame of law enforcement resulted in some of the worst riotings in US history!

9 Embarrassing Pics Show What’s Left After Obama Legacy Met Trump

What a difference an administration makes.

When President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he is pulling out of the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal, he delivered another forceful reminder of how much the American electorate changed the course of history with the results of the 2016 election.

Once the result of the election became clear, then-President Barack Obama put on a show of trying to manage a peaceful transition of power, but as the country has learned since, was engaged in a furious effort behind the scenes to undermine the Trump presidency.

That effort, in the form of special counsel Robert Mueller and the jackals of the mainstream media, has continued to this day.

Trump has already taken huge steps toward getting rid of Obama’s legacy by drastically cutting government regulations (his work on the Environmental Protection Agency alone would justify his election). His appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court has given conservatives at least a chance to save the Constitution from liberal lawfare.

And while he might not have been able to keep the promise of getting rid of Obamacare yet, the Republican tax bill he signed into law in December gutted it of its most despised feature — the individual mandate — and all but guaranteed the program will someday die an administrative death.

Still, the Obama legacy lingers. Here, with some help from the Gateway Pundit, is a look at some of the low points of the Obama administration. Some are simply forgotten, but others will be reverberating in this country for a long time to come.

The selfie stick

For all the liberals who love to accuse Trump of being self-centered, few could match the self-absorption of President Selfie Stick himself. Can anyone forget how Obama demeaned himself and his office in a BuzzFeed video that showed him mugging in a mirror and playing with a selfie stick in the Oval Office? Thanks, Obama.

Sailors captured by Iran

On a more serious note, the image of American sailors forced to their knees after being captured by Iranian ships in the Persian Gulf in January 2016 is a reminder of how shamefully weak the Obama years were.

Disgracefully, Obama actually delivered his State of the Union address for 2016 shortly after the sailors were captured — and he didn’t say a word about the incident for fear of upsetting the same precious nuclear deal that Trump shattered on Tuesday.

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It’s a legacy of weakness that will take more than one Trump term to dig the country out of.

The “Beer Summit”

This July 2009 incident might well have been the beginning of the Obama administration’s eight-year attack on American law enforcement.

When Obama friend and former professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts by a white police sergeant who thought Gates was trying to break into the home, Obama wasted no time in declaring that police had “acted stupidly,” as Politico reported at the time.

While subsequent independent studies said both Gates and the officer missed opportunities to ratchet down the situation, Obama used the opportunity to put the spotlight on bad actors within in the police force.

Ferguson riots

Then there was the 2014 shooting of a black street thug named Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Extended rioting followed and spread across the country, with seemingly every violent interaction between a police officer and a black suspect being blamed on police racism.

The lie of “hands up, don’t shoot” was born in Ferguson, along with a lingering distrust between blacks and law enforcement that’s likely to be with the country for the foreseeable future.

Again, it will take more than one Trump term to erase that stain from the Obama years. But has anyone else noticed Black Lives Matter thugs have been relatively quiet since Trump took office?

Hidden past

One of the most disgraceful elements of Obama’s legacy will be how elements of the media covered for him to the point of actually deceiving the American public.

In 2005, when he was still the junior senator from Illinois, Obama was part of a Congressional Black Caucus meeting with Louis Farrakhan, the racist, anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam.

Although a picture was taken of the incident, Obama was never called out on it because the image itself was suppressedfor more than a decade.

When that kind of secrecy is combined with the pass Obama got on his relations with another controversial clergyman, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, it doesn’t look good for the American media.

The mainstream might despise Trump, but he’s at least given the media a way not to be the boot-licking lapdogs of the party in power they had become under Obama. Today, they’re the boot-licking lapdogs of the party out of power.

NFL anthem protests

In yet another legacy of Obama’s last year in office, NFL players protesting what they consider to be injustice brought racial division to one of the last great places in American society where fans of all races could just relax and enjoy a game.

The protests started in 2016 with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and kept spreading. They nearly ruined the NFL season of 2017, and might well reappear this season.. Regardless, racial division in the sports world is another Obama legacy that will take some time to undo.

Transgender bathrooms

Not content with stirring up the pot of racism in the country, or even pushing homosexual marriage, the Obama administration tried to force transgender bathrooms into the country at every level, starting with its schools.

Those fights are still playing out in courtrooms across the country, and commercial businesses have learned the hard waythat millions of customers don’t like the idea of little girls and women being vulnerable to any man who wants to try to pretend he’s female just to gain entry into a women’s restroom.

But the controversy is likely to continue for presidential adminsitrations to come.

Drug use

America had presidents who tried drugs before getting into politics. Bill Clinton famously “didn’t inhale” (he lied about that, too.) George W. Bush admitted having had to deal with a potential drinking problem and, according to CNN, appeared to at least coyly admit having tried marijuana and cocaine as a young man.

But Obama’s iconic “choom gang” picture from his high school years set a new standard for low-life presidential behavior.

No matter what Trump critics say about him, he’s never been in a picture as low-life as this one.

Crony capitalism

Democrats like Obama might give grudging lip service to the idea of American capitalism. Except for some embarrassing “you didn’t build that” lines, they love to talk about American small businesses.

But what they really care about, cater to and will blow taxpayer dollars on are the crony capitalist businesses their friends and donors support.

Is Trump making progress taking apart Obama’s legacy?

America learned that lesson the hard way during the first year of Obama’s presidency, when his administration guaranteed more than a half billion dollars in loans to Solyndra, a company that manufactured solar battery panels in California.Obama himself toured the plant in May 2010. By September of 2011, the company was in bankruptcy, and a half-billion dollars of taxpayer money was gone. It was one of the earliest scandals of his scandal-ridden presidency, not one of which was ever fully covered by the media.

That’s another of Obama’s legacies.

Still, whatever liberals want to say about Trump, it’s a solid bet you won’t find him squandering a half-billion taxpayer dollars, or making a photo-op out of touring a business that was little more than a sham operation getting ready to fold.

That takes a combination of corruption and ignorance that liberals specialize in. Corruption is possible in any political party. Ignorance of business is a Democrat calling card.

As Tuesday’s White House announcement showed, when the American people elected Trump, they elected a change in the direction of the country.

Some of the legacies of Obama’s wretched eight years in power are gone, others will take ages to get rid of, but the process is well and truly begun.

And what a difference and administration makes.

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Albert Einstein Feared Zuckerberg!

Subject: The day that Albert Einstein feared has arrived!












RUSH: Oh! You know, we’ve played the sound bites here a couple or three times here, Carol — Carol — whatever. The Obama tech wizardette who claims that she succeeded in getting every Facebook user for the Obama campaign in 2012. And the New York Times wrote two or three stories about the geniuses in the Obama high-tech team that did this. And she is now adding to it. She said, “Yeah, not only did we get users, we got the entire social graph.” Do you know what the social graph is? (interruption)

You don’t. Okay, well, let me tell you what the social graph is, ’cause I guarantee you there isn’t a senator up there that knows what it is, either. When you say, as this Carol whatever her last name is… Robertson? That’s not what it is, but whenever you hear her say that they got the social graph, the whole social graph, that means they got every user and every user’s known friends. That’s what the social graph is.

The social graph is not just Hoovering up the data of every user. It’s also Hoovering up the data of every friend that every user has. And she’s out there bragging that they pulled this off. Well, yesterday I think Zuckerberg denied this. You know, she’s saying that Facebook found out about it, because, after the election, Facebook came to the Obama high-tech team and started recruiting. They wanted to find people they could hire, ’cause the Obama tech team was filled with a bunch of geniuses. The New York Times said so.

And the Facebook team shows up and this Obama high-tech babe, Carol, says, “Yeah, they came in and they tried to hire and they marveled at what we had done — and they didn’t stop us because they said they were ‘on our side,’” meaning Facebook was for Obama in 2012. Of course, no mystery about that. I think Zuckerberg tried to deny this yesterday. “Nah-nah-nah-nah. That didn’t happen. We’re not on anybody’s side,” and so forth and so on. I think it…

Maybe it was Steve Scalise had brought it up, but it took two days for this example to even be brought up and asked of Zuckerberg. To me, it’s question No. 1. You got the Obama tech team wizardette bragging that they were able to suck up every user’s data in the 2012 campaign and utilize it for targeted advertising and voter outreach and what have you. The New York Times is writing stories on what a bunch of geniuses these people are and what a genius Obama is for hiring them.

To me, that’s question No. 1. But we’re talking about user privacy and user agreements and so forth. And it’s rooted, I think, in a lack of understanding on the part of elected officials about the tech itself. I’m not talking about Facebook policy but rather just the technological things that make it all possible. For example, Zuckerberg was repeatedly asked why Facebook cannot prevent hate speech and why can’t Facebook identify and deny service to hate groups. Now, you want to talk about bizarre.

You know, hate speech and hate groups to me are as specious as the concept of a hate crime. Let’s say you go out there and you murder somebody. Okay. We’ve got laws saying you can’t do it — and if you do it with premeditation, you’re going to jail, probably for life. You might even get the electric chair. But now we’ve added to it, that if you hated the person you killed because you’re a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe then we can really lower the boom on you.

Purely politics. Hate crime? That’s nothing more than the left taking control of the language and trying to structure degrees of crime based on prejudice that they want to stamp out. Same with hate speech. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are somehow supposed to stop hate speech? And you have members of Congress asking why Facebook cannot prevent hate speech and hate groups?

There are billions of users on Facebook, and these senators want to know why Zuckerberg can’t prevent that kind of stuff? Okay. Turn it around. Why can’t the government prevent crime and hate in a country of a few hundred million people? I mean, why can’t you guys write laws that get rid of hate? If you want Zuckerberg or social media to get rid of it, why don’t you write laws yourselves and get rid of it? It can’t be done.

Because it’s a manufactured state of mind that is entirely subjective based on what a bunch of screwball liberals thinks. Hate crime, hate groups. It’s nothing more than a new form of censorship. Here come these members of Congress asking about it because they think that this is what the American people’s genuine concerns are because they think that the Drive-By Media is representing a majority of people’s opinions in this country, which isn’t the case, as you know.


RUSH: Here’s Steve Scalise yesterday talking to Zuckerberg about Carol Davidsen bragging about all the stuff they got from Facebook for Obama.

SCALISE: In 2008 and 2012, there was also a lot of this done. One of the lead digital — or heads of the Obama campaign said recently, “Facebook was surprised we were able to suck out the whole social graph, but they didn’t stop us once they realized that was what we were doing. They came to office in the days following election recruiting and were very candid that they allowed us to do things they wouldn’t have allowed someone else to do because they were on our side.” That’s a direct quote from one of the heads of the Obama digital team. What would she mean by “they,” Facebook, “were on our side”?

ZUCKERBERG: Congressman, we didn’t allow the Obama campaign to do anything that any developer on the platform wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do.

SCALISE: So she was making an inaccurate statement, in your point of view?


RUSH: Special treatment’s not what this is! He obfuscated the answer there. Hang on.


RUSH: Now, Steve Scalise is the member of Congress who just asked Zuckerberg the question about Carol Davidsen bragging that they were able to get everybody, everybody and their friends on the Obama campaign for data mining to pair up advertising and other manipulative suggestive things to get people to vote for Obama, just like the so-called Russians did for Trump. Everybody does. The Russians were pikers at it, by the way, but I don’t want to distract myself here.

Steve Scalise is the Republican who was shot by a deranged leftist during baseball practice for an upcoming game between Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives. The guy who pulled the trigger, the guy who was trying to kill Republican members of Congress had a long list of leftist hate groups on his Facebook page that he was recommending, that he was suggesting, that he was liking. And they are still there.

All of these hate groups that this clown that tried to kill Scalise and others, this deranged Democrat from Illinois, the hate groups, they’re still there. But we’re told there isn’t any hate on the left. No, no, no, no. The hate, the hate exists only on the right. The hate exists only in the Alt-Right. The hate only exists on Fox News. But on the left, there is nothing more than utopian love.

I’m sorry here, but I’ve gotta contradict Zuckerberg. These guys doing the questioning, I don’t think they are sufficiently informed on all of this. ‘Cause here, ladies and gentlemen is what happened. Zuckerberg said in this sound bite, “Congressman, we didn’t allow the Obama campaign to do anything that any developer on the platform wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do. No special treatment.”

Zuckerberg said, “The Obama campaign didn’t get anything that anybody else could get.” Well, that is the exact opposite of what Carol Davidsen said. She’s the Obama tech wizardette. She said the GOP did not have the access that Obama’s campaign did. And you know what else? She said that ultimately she didn’t think that was fair, but she did it anyway because all’s fair in love and politics.

But she pointed out — and we’ve played that aspect of her sound bite on previous programs — she says the GOP didn’t have the access that Obama’s campaign did. She said back in 2015 (paraphrasing), “The Republicans do not have that information and will not get that information. I’m a Democrat, so maybe I could argue that’s a great thing, but really it’s not in the overall process. That wasn’t thought all the way through and now there’s a disadvantage of information that to me seems unfair. But I’m not Facebook. And if the advantage extends to me in politics, I’m gonna take it.”

She’s making it perfectly clear that Facebook did facilitate what they were doing and that Facebook was on their side. And if she’s saying the Republicans didn’t get anything, didn’t have the access that Obama’s campaign did, what does that mean? If the Republicans didn’t have the access the Obama campaign did, then somebody at Facebook had to know it and okay the access for the Democrats, but to deny it elsewhere.

But Zuckerberg said (imitating Zuckerberg), “Oh, no, no, no. Congressman, we didn’t allow the Obama campaign to do anything.” The Obama campaign was heavily recruited. These wizards of smart in the Obama tech team were recruited. Facebook went and met with them at Obama campaign headquarters after the election.

So I thought that was probably one of the most important areas to explore with Zuckerberg. Rather than go at it generically with hate speech and fairness here and there, you’ve got an actual real-world example where the Obama high-tech titan is bragging about the advantage they had because Facebook knew what they were doing and was on their side. And, by the way, why deny that? Because everybody knows Facebook’s a bunch of leftists. Because everybody knows that Silicon Valley is a bunch of leftists.


RUSH: I need to get back to the phones here. We’ve got somebody who thinks that I was wrong. That’s so rare, we put these guys to the top of the call roster. This one is Greg. He’s in Newport Beach, California. I’m so glad you called. How are you?

CALLER: Good. Thank you, Rush. Mark Zuckerberg’s answer to Steve Scalise about the access that Facebook gave the Republicans versus the Democrats? He actually answered correctly because what he had done… In Mark Zuckerberg’s answer, he compared the access that they gave to the Democrats as access that they gave to not Republicans, but to developers. As we all know, if you know anything about this, the developers have a completely different access level than, say, a third party, as in the Republicans. So they did give the Democrats and developers the exact same access. So he didn’t answer correctly… He didn’t answer untruthful, but he completely miscalculated or obfuscated and made it sound like they were giving exactly the same access, and his answer was, they did not. That’s all.

RUSH: Well, I must say the caller here is mostly correct, and the reason that he’s right is precisely because of his comments on the developer side, and I misread — therefore misinterpreted — what Carol Davidsen’s comments were. Let me… Greg, thanks for the call. You can listen to my ‘splanation here on the radio. She’s talking about the fact that they Hoovered up all of the Facebook user data and the social graph, and they do it as developers. She said, “That freaks Facebook out, right?”

She’s admitting Facebook was freaked out by what the Obama campaign did, but they didn’t shut it down while they were doing it. After they finished, after the campaign Facebook shuts off the feature, and she says that. So they shut off the feature. “Well, the Republicans never built an app to do what we did,” meaning the Republican developers did not write an app like the Obama developers wrote an app to Hoover all the data.

And her point is, she goes on to say that it wasn’t… She at times didn’t think it was fair, but so what? The Republicans could have written an app, but they didn’t. The Obama team did, and she said, “The Republicans do not have that information, and they won’t get that information,” and she says, “Now that’s a disadvantage of information that to me seems unfair, but I’m not Facebook, so this is the reality.”

And Zuckerberg was asked by Scalise if Facebook had favored the Obama campaign in this, and Zuckerberg said no special treatment. “We didn’t allow the Obama campaign to do anything that any developer on the platform wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do.” And technically, that is correct. His answer still makes it look like that they were siding with the Democrats. But I guess here the bottom line here is that Democrats had developers that wrote the app that Hoovered the data.

Facebook found out about it and didn’t stop them while they were doing it, which is why Carol Davidsen said the Facebook people showed up and said, “We didn’t stop you because you’re on our side.” Zuckerberg is denying that. But Carol Davidsen says, “No, the Facebook people showed up to recruit some of us after the campaign and they told us they didn’t shut us down because they were on our side.” The Republicans didn’t develop an app to soak up that data, and they weren’t told that the Democrats were doing it.

Zuckerberg’s point is, had the Republicans written an app, they could have. If they had a developer who wanted to write the app, suck data out of Facebook, they could have done it too. So we’re left here with the idea that the Obama campaign was simply smarter and once the Facebook people found out about it, they didn’t stop it. They shut off this ability of developers to write apps to Hoover Facebook data after the election, which mean they found out about it and let the Obama team do it.

And of course, they weren’t gonna tell the Republicans, “Hey, look what the Democrats are doing over here,” because they were on the Democrat side in all of it.