We need to start fighting back as the Grass-roots, harder than the organized demonRats are attacking. Due to an Arizona requirement we have to wait until May 2017 to start our RECALL of the traitor John McCain! Can anyone find out if we can get to the South Carolina traitor Lindsey Girlyman sooner?

We need to start going to local political meetings and pushing back against these RINO republicans and demonRats!

This is no longer politics, but war! We must say “…of our God, He is our …fortress… in Him shall we trust! His TRUTH SHALL BE OUR SHIELD AND BUCKLER!” Please read the 91st Psalm if you want to prepare for the battle ahead.

It took a lot of work to get this far, we can’t stop now! GO PRESIDENT TRUMP!

REGARDING THE EFFORT TO KEEP America safe: If the so called JUDGES, pundits in the media and politics actually read the Qur’an (INSTEAD OF ATTACKING TRUMP) they would definitely have a different attitude toward Islam. They also need to understand how to read it. The book is written in two parts, the Meccan verses and the Medinian verses. The Meccan verses were written first but were overwritten by the Medinian that are filled with hate, violence and the demand to put all non-Muslims in servitude or die. Some religious book huh. The word “Love” cannot be found within it’s pages.

There is no love in the Qur’an, (Koran) or as I call it the Book of Satin, filled with violence and hate!

America must have jobs and good wages! America must be made safe! The Obama scum left in place throughout the government is trying to make us less safe so we cannot fix our problems! President Trump, FIRE them all!