The TCC Pac! Trump, Cruz Form a Coalition, now!

“She is a Bush operative; she worked for the architect of NAFTA, which has killed millions of jobs in this country; she was a member on the Council on Foreign Relations who in Sen. Cruz’s own words, called a nest of snakes that seeks to undermine national sovereignty; and she’s been working for Goldman Sachs, the same global bank that Ted Cruz left off of his financial disclosure,” Pierson said.

The above quote by Katrina Pierson is the one reason I sometimes feel Ted Cruz is a Trojan Horse among our Conservative contingent.  However, then I look at his voting history, and how well he did representing Conservative positions in The Supreme Court and with a few exceptions, he has an outstanding resume!

Trump, while not a pure Conservative, represents many of our positions and also attracts the old Reagan coalition out of the democrat side of the aisle.

The awareness of those still supporting the Clintons and Obamas.
The awareness of those still supporting the Clintons and Obamas, whether demonRats or repugnants.

It is unheard of until this election cycle, but the dumb republicans have spent over $63 million dollars to defeat their front runner.  That is insane!?!

I have been saying Kasich is also an OK choice!  However, with his stance on trade deals that hurt the American worker, and his recent statement that he thinks Obama’s “anti-2nd Amendment” choice for The Supreme Court is”ok!” my mind has been changed.  That leaves only two excellent choices that need to join forces, instead of fighting each other!

Cruz and Trump represent the great majority of Patriotic Americans.  They pull together the best from the Republicans and the Democrats.  Together, they represent the families that provide the bulk of the American work force.  They appeal to the families that volunteer to defend our nation by joining the military. With Dr. Ben Carson, they can provide the examples of what is best about America: Patriotism, a strong work ethic for our nations youth, protect American workers, rebuilding the economy by increasing jobs for American citizens and bringing back to America the trillions of dollars parked by corporations in foreign lands due to the highest tax rate in the world.

Ted Cruz is the most qualified authority on the US Constitution, today!  Donald Trump has one of the best records of creating jobs in a fair and equitable manner, for both genders and for American citizens of all races. They bring the best of America together!  Throw Dr. Ben Carson in the mix. and you have a triumvirate of the greatest problem solvers ever assembled!  IT IS TIME TRUMP AND CRUZ STOP FIGHTING AND JOIN FORCES! Trump needs to run all of his Tweets by Dr. Ben before blasting them out to the world. Dr. Ben’s logic and humble demeanor blended into Trumps fire and “can do” spirit will create an atmosphere of winning that our country needs again!  Also, Trump has to learn how to control his New Yorker attitude and words, directing them into positive, productive channels.

Anyone wishing to join me in forming the TCC Pac, please email me at  I live in Arizona, so if you do not live here, let me know the best way to contact you so we can end the “garbage-gutter campaign” and get on with beating the criminals Hillbilly Clinton (remember two for the price of one) and the socialist Bernie Sanders.


One thought on “The TCC Pac! Trump, Cruz Form a Coalition, now!

  1. Al Battista: The repubs (I call them the repugnants) have spent $63 million to defeat their front runner. Are they insane?! Please let us stop this “gutter-garbage” and get together to defeat the criminals on the left! Check out the blog “Why we need a Trump Cruz coalition” See the photo of the “repugnants” and how they can be as stupid as the “demonrats.”

    Al Battista’s photo. See body if the blog for the “heads in the sand” blind Americans!

    Al Battista: To spend $63 million to defeat your parties front runner must mean you have a lot of criminality to hide. We want a Trump/Cruz team to clean out the scum from Washington, the District of Corruption!

    Ramona Anderson: I want to know that he defends and supports the Constitution.

    Ramona, I believe both Trump and Cruz will abide by the Constitution. Although Trump exhibits some of the traits of Obama, he is smart and know the second he tries to pull an Obama he will be impeached. We couldn’t impeach Obama or every city in America would have burned! Our main fear is that Cruz will keep Trump from getting the delegates he needs, then the establishment will toss them both aside and slip in another repugnant! That will tear the country apart and give Obama the excuse he needs to declare Martial Law!
    By the way, decent, hard-working democrats and republicans are true patriots regardless of ethnicity, religion or any other criteria you can name. We may disagree but we get along. We may disagree on methods, but patriots love the USA. The Crony-capitalists and the Crony-socialists are the “repugnants” and the “demonrats.” Repugnants and Demonrats love “money and power.”

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