Answer to Paul Krugman’s Stupid Statement that BO is a “great president!”


Krugman has to be dreaming, or else smoking something very strong! obummerscare is ripping off the working people, while giving EXTREME BENEFITS to the illegals and the lazy!
His foreign policy is to let extremist muslim terrorist kill everyone they hate, at will, actually giving the perception he is on their side!
Economically, everything he did hindered a recovery, not fix it.  if there is improvement it is because of our private people developing energy, despite obama’s effort to stop USA energy production.
obama is the biggest liar EVER in politics! The lies are too numerous to list here.
How he can have a 1% approval rating is beyond belief, since it is obvious he is a flim-flam man (con artists)! His policies hurt almost everyone!  Anyone that still likes him is either deceived or one of the few getting something from this criminal!


One thought on “Answer to Paul Krugman’s Stupid Statement that BO is a “great president!”

  1. First of all I am a Believer in Jesus Christ. Next, the God that I serve KNOWS all that is going on down here. Secondly, He is not happy with America because of murdering all of His children & the fact that America has tried to redefine marriage. It isn’t 2 women or 2 men!! He says 1 woman & one man !!! Case closed. That is why He isn’t happy with America. People we have to stop abortion. If it isn’t “convenient”, there are a lot of couples that want babies that they cannot have. So, the solution is easy!!! adopt a baby, child, etc. That is a win, win for all. God, please forgive America for all her sins. P.S. Obamacare is a joke. I’ve heard that it is rationed healthcare. Look at our soldiers who have returned and left sitting in their wheelchairs. This fraud takes care of foreigners before taking care of Americans. He hates the American people. Just remember he sat under Jeremiah Wright’s church who said “God Damn America”. All Believers & Churches, we need to be praying every hour of everyday for our Country – cause this empty suit only cares for himself! Go to: Obama

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