America’s Narcissist-In-Chief Wants You to Hurt!

America: checked it out and find it true.

We all know Barack Obama is a narcissist.  He is a petty wannabe tyrant who cares for nothing other than himself.

Now the Obama Regime has done something that should appall everyone.  If the drive by media were not so partisan and nothing more than the Obama Propaganda Media, this is a story that would lead every newscast. PROPAGANDA IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE SOME SEMBLANCE OF TRUTH, BUT OUR MEDIA GIVES OUTRIGHT LIES TO PROTECT THEIR FAVORITE NARCISSIST!
This is an outrageous story that every American should hear about. This is one story you will  want to share with your friends.
What is it?

Barack Obama has been using the Sequester to inflict as much pain on the American people as he can.  The Sequester is simply a reduction in the increase in spending.  It is not even a real reduction in spending.
DID YOU GET THAT? IF WE HAD ENOUGH MONEY TO TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING LAST YEAR, AND WE ARE GOING TO SPEND MORE THIS YEAR, WHY DOES ANYONE NEED TO FEEL ANY PAIN? If you knew how the clowns in Washington wastefully spend your money, you would want to revolt!
While the White House is being closed to public tours and the National Parks are being forced to cut back, Obama’s travel schedule is not being cut back at all.  This week, his daughters went on not one vacation but two.  They went to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas first and then to the ski slopes in Idaho.  (Wow! Being an Obama family member must be great!)
Joe Biden is off on his third vacation of the yearObama has managed three vacations so far this year and that was before we even finished out the third month of the year. While Obama was busy jetting off at the taxpayers expense, a tragedy was unfolding.
You’ve probably never heard of Michael Dishon.   Master Sergeant Dishon served this nation quietly and honorably for 20 years.   Like countless real Americans he served this nation and never asked for distinction or rewards.
Dishon has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and a very aggressive form of cancer.  His diseases are 100% service related.  Sergeant Dishon was being treated at Lansdorf Regional Medical Center in Germany.  He was medevaced to Walter Reed in Washington.  His condition deteriorated to the point where he is going to hospice care to die.

Under ordinary circumstances, Dishon would have qualified for military transport so he could return home to die.  Dishon was informed that because of the budget sequester no transport was available.
Fortunately some real Americans stepped in and a hero flight was arranged.  An American hero named Mike Summey flew his own plane, at his own expense to get Dishon home.

Barack Obama can spend a million dollars to fly down to Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods but he cuts flights that bring American heroes home.    This week, Obama’s children are partying at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, while an American volunteer at his own expense brought an American hero home.
Thanks to the efforts of Mike Summey, Master Sergeant Michael Dishon will get to spend his final days here in America with his two daughters.
Meanwhile, America’s narcissist in chief makes sure that the royal lifestyle he and his family have become accustomed to is not interrupted.
What is wrong with the word picture above and the story below?

Kim Jung Un
Kim Jung Un had NO military experience whatsoever before Daddy made him a four-star general.
This snot-nosed twerp had never accomplished anything in his life that would even come close to military leadership.
He hadn’t even so much as led a Cub Scout troop, coached a sports team, or commanded a military platoon.
So he is made the “Beloved Leader” Of North Korea .

Oh crap!


I’m sorry.

I just remembered that we did the same thing.

We took an arrogant bastard community organizer, who had never worn a uniform, and made him Commander-in-Chief.

A guy, who had never had a real job, worked on a budget, or led anything more than an ACORN demonstration, and we made him “Beloved Leader” of the United States


I’m sorry I brought this up.

Never mind.


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