Obama’s Dems have begun the CHEATING! Here’s how to Stop it!

Voting Corrections

Posted by Don Sipe on November 5, 2012 at 11:50pm in General, Town Hall
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You’ve cast your vote page by page. You get to the summary of all your votes at the end of the electronic voting process. BUT YOU SEE THAT THE MACHINE HAS FLIPPED YOUR VOTES OR RECORDED THE WRONG VOTES!!!

1. Do not panic; it happens, especially if you’ve voted quickly (like typing too fast on Facebook).
2. Call for one of the poll workers to come over because your machine has made an error.
3. Show the poll worker what’s happened.
4. The poll worker will ask you to try again to see if the machine repeats the error.
5. If it does NOT repeat the error, press the “cast ballot” button and finish voting.
6. If it DOES repeat the error, insist on having the poll supervisor come over. With the original poll worker helper present explain what’s happened. Tell the supervisor you want this machine taken offline and you want to vote on a machine that’s working properly.
7. The poll supervisor will have to cancel your voting “booth” before doing anything else.
8. Then the supervisor will take the machine offline (disconnect it from the daisy chain of machines).
9. The poll supervisor will re-issue the code you need to vote.
10. Go through the process again.

DO NOT take a photo of the machine or of anything in the polling area. In almost every state this is ILLEGAL and can get you thrown out of the poll without being able to vote.

If the poll supervisor DOES NOT follow the above steps, insist that he/she call the county/municipal election authority and let you speak with them. (That’s your right as a voter.)

Get them to direct the poll supervisor to take the correct actions. If they won’t help, ask for the toll free number to your state Secretary of State. Call them and ask them to resolve the problem.

If they won’t help call 855-444-6100. That’s the True the Vote hotline.
But DON’T CALL that line until AFTER you’ve tried the county/municipal authority AND the Secretary of State. We have lawyers standing by to help.
Please only call if YOU are the person to whom this happens. NOBODY can take 2nd or 3rd hand reports and take action.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Dems have begun the CHEATING! Here’s how to Stop it!

    • Joe, you are a wonderful, thoughtful American! I’m glad you are teaching your daughter to be thoughtful and discriminating! Like you, I do not vote a straight party ticket, but have abandoned all hope for the democRAT party! I now seek anyone that is not an establishment D or R. When confronted with two establishment choices, I vote the Libertarian, Independent, or any other listed, if there is no Libertarian or Independent!
      You need to know my background is that of a democrat! An Italian, blue collar, family! In 1968, my father, a life-long conservative dem said, “The communists have taken over the democrat party!” As a young, flaming liberal, I didn’t believe him at the time, even though I was just home from fighting the communists in Vietnam. I continued to vote a straight D ticket. As I left the pot and other drugs behind, I started to open my eyes and realize that my dad was correct! Even though most rank and file in the democrat party do not realize it, the democRATS are pushing for a all out communist take over of the USA. Unfortunately, the establishment GOP and the main stream media isn’t far behind! Please stay in touch!

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