Veterans and the Election. (From VFW magazine)







Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

A brief word, before the article about Veterans and The Election:

Why is Romney ahead of Obama by 24 points among veterans?  The answer is simple.  Obama’s policy puts the entire nation in economic chaos. The veteran has often fought and shed blood to keep our nation strong and safe.  It is the veteran that realizes over the past four years, Mr Obama has not lead in fixing the nations economic problems.  Instead of leading, he has blamed everything from George Bush to the weather. His puppet, Harry Reid, as the Senate leader has taken all of the programs and budgets sent by the Republican lead House on the shelf and let them die.  Some of the Job Creation bills had strong bi-partisan support in the House.  Some as high as 400 yes votes, meaning nearly all of the Democrats in the House agreed the bill would help the economy, and voted for it!  Why Obama and Reid have decided “doing nothing” is better than working on the problems.does not make sense to the “can do” veteran.

The veteran recognizes leadership shown by Romney in business, in fixing a broken Olympics and when he took over Massachusetts it was 47th in the nation, economically speaking.  Massachusetts also had a large budget deficit. In one term of four (4) years, Romney took the deficit and turned it into a surplus, moving Massachusetts up to 24th in the nation from that next to the bottom 47th spot.

Finally, Obama had a veto proof Senate and large majority in the House of Representatives for most of his first four (4) years.  Instead of fixing the economic problems that everyone realized was the major task at hand, he went about using his majority by forcing a socialistic health care program that will end up being an economic disaster once the costs start to pile up.  If Romney isn’t elected to fix that disaster I call the “Obama Health sCare Bill” expect to start seeing those problems intensify in 2014!


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