A Challenge to You if You Care about the USA!

You need to know two things about me before I explain The Challenge:

First, I don’t respect many politicians.  In fact, the career politician is about the most wasted person in the country.  The only people more wasted is the business person depending on “political corporate cronyism” and the “welfare cheats.” That is “cheats” not the people that need it!  A real politician has been successful in the real world, then dedicates a few years of his life to helping do what is right for the country. Once he has done his duty for a few years, he returns home to pick up his business, and resume a normal life. The career politicians and the tribal chiefs and assorted royal consorts around them are  nothing but “BIG PIGS!”  If you want to hear what I really feel and think, keep reading.

Second, the term entitlement is a misnomer .  You either earn something, invest in something or get a gift.  Millions of us are in the 47% that do not pay taxes.  What I get I earned or invested in. The fact I pay no taxes has to do with the tax laws,  cost of living and income level. Those getting a gift think they are entitled, but they are not.  A gift does not last forever.   In fact, during my working years, many of my taxes went to some of the people receiving a gift, as well as to build the roads and bridges that according to Mr Obama, we didn’t build!

My retirement income comes from social security, which I’ve paid into since I was 15 years old. The second source of income is compensation from the Veterans Administration, due to wounds received in Vietnam.  I worked as long as I could, but when this battered body became too worn out to continue, I was thankful that I was part of the VA system, ever since coming home from Vietnam.  Once I needed it, the VA was there to help pick up the slack since I could no longer work.

What does one have to do to receive VA compensation? He must live like an animal for some portion of his most productive years. It might be  in the jungles of Vietnam or the frozen tundra of Korea; or possibly the sand dunes of Iraq or the rugged and cold climate of Afghanistan.  Even many of these people never qualify for VA compensation.  To receive that “EARNED BENEFIT” you probably also left part of your body or mind, most definitely some of your blood in the land where you lived like an animal while your peers were getting their start in the real world!

While trying to stay in a positive frame of mind, I sometimes slip back into rage (or at least extreme anger) over the career politicians that send our young people into these Godforsaken parts of the world.  We have so much technology and wonderful weapons to decimate any enemy, with minimal danger to our troops.  I am always amazed that we make our military resort to World War II tactics when we have space age technology.  Better yet, why don’t the political clowns in the entire world get together and end this nonsense we call war?

Now, when you read this you might think I am a pacifist, democrat!  Not by a long-shot, although I grew up thinking democrats were the good guys and had all the answers.  As an adult I woke up!  As I mentioned above, I am a 47% person for Romney!  Romney will not do anything to hurt those of us in our retirement years, and even those 10 years younger!  His plan to readjust these necessary programs for those younger than 55 years old will actually save them for future generations without bringing about the bankruptcy all of these programs face with the democrat spending problem.  Some addicts take in substances.  The democrat addicts throw money around like it is endless.  They think being a spendthrift has no negative consequences.  In fact, at the rate Obama spends money, those of us that are well past our prime will soon be either cut-off, or else paid in worthless dollars!  In either case, with Obama we all suffer.  With Romney we have a chance of escaping the fate of Greece!

That brings me to THE CHALLENGE: I am putting all of my faith in Romney.  To do so goes against my grain as mentioned above.  However, our country is on the precipice to complete economic destruction.  I had great hopes for Obama!  He let me down! He had a veto proof Senate and great majority in the House of Representatives for the first two years of his administration.  The major problem we faced (and indicated by most Americans in opinion polls) was the economy.  You can only fix an economy by creating more jobs.  He did not create more jobs, or fix the economy with all of his wasteful spending! I’m afraid 4 more years of this and none of us will be able to make it unless we have a treasure trove of gold and silver stored in our attic.  My family has neither, so we need Mr Romney to fix this economy.  His history shows he has the ability to do it!  We gambled on Mr Obama, who had no (and still doesn’t) business experience. He has shown us that he ran out of HOPE and CHANGE early.  He  claimed, “Yes, we can!”  We as a people, elected him, and now he says, “No, we can’t. I can’t change it from the inside.”   So, maybe you better go back to the outside, and see if you can do it as a former president, Mr Obama!  In fact, Ronald Reagan inherited as big a mess as you did.  He fixed it with leadership!  He was from the outside, as you were, but when he got to the inside he was a leader,  made friends with the democratic leadership, and restored our economy!  He never gloated and said, “Hey, I won!” to Tip O’Neal or any of the democrats. Reagan was, as Romney will be, friendly, conciliatory and effective!

So, The CHALLENGE is: AMERICA PUT ROMNEY IN OFFICE, AND GIVE HIM THE SAME GIFT WE GAVE PRESIDENT OBAMA–A VETO PROOF SENATE AND A MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.  If, at the end of two years we do not see a major improvement in jobs and the economy we can dump his majority in the Senate and House, and replace him two years later!  Not only will I feel betrayed by Mr Romney, in that case, but I will do all in my power to support his opponent in the 2016 election!  I’m not even sure Romney will need a veto proof Senate, just the majority will probably do it.  Romney is smart enough to get a lot of help from the other side of the aisle!

Romney is a terrible campaigner but with a strong business sense!  Obama is a great campaigner but wouldn’t know how to run a 25 cent lemonade stand!  It’s looking a lot like the 2008 election. However, we were snookered in 2008, please do not let it happen again!

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