Message to Mitt Romney!

MITT: My first point is that I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity to elect you so we can get out from under this umbrella of fear of the socialistic policies of the Obama administration!  The democratic, leftist policies are taking us down the same road to destruction we are seeing in Greece, soon followed by Southern Europe, then the rest of those socialists states in the Common Market system.

Next, dear Mitt, look closely at those that are advising you.  Whoever told you to do that stupid press conference at 10 P:M on September 17th must go.  As soon as I saw you walk out, my gut told me, “Oh, oh, another mistake! Someone is leading Mitt into a trap!”  I hope this teaches you to never rush into a buzz saw again.

You have been a successful business man.  You must have a strong ability to read your “gut feelings,” then do the right thing.

I have been an unsuccessful business man.  I still had the strong “gut feeling” but didn’t know what to do, thus often choosing the wrong thing.  That is the difference between the successful business man and the one that fails!  However, the “gut feeling” is still there. The success just made the right decisions. 

Look, this election is not just another election.  The results will be a disaster if Obama is re-elected.  You need to start telling this fact.

Obama might be a nice man (debatable point:can a Chicago con man and thug be a nice man-even the mafia members were nice to their families). If you start telling the facts, head on, you can get many of the 47% to vote for you.  Once they realize that Obama is taking our economy to OBLIVION, and they will lose their benefits because of Obama’s incompetence (or designed destruction) if you are not elected.  See my earlier blog, “Democrats Please Don’t Kill the Golden Goose!”  You and Ryan have a logical approach to fixing these problems. Obama is rushing into financial chaos!

If you start telling these important points (and stop being so nice/let those around you be even meaner) you will swing the middle to you, and a large number of the 47%! These folks are intelligent enough to know that economic chaos will hurt them as well as everyone else!

One final thought: Yes, Bush made some terrible mistakes, mostly in his last two years, after the democrats took control of congress! His two mistakes were, going into Iraq before the success in Afghanistan was won ; and not coming to the people and exposing the disastrous housing crises that the democrats created.  If you haven’t looked at the history of the housing crises let me encapsulate it by saying it began under Jimmy Carter,  made worse by Clinton. Dodd and Frank, the so-called heroes of the crisis,are actually the two main culprits in allowing it to get as bad as it ultimately became. They should be in jail!  I know if you look at the history you will come to the same conclusion.

In any event, if you will show the people the states that are leading the country out of the recession are the states run by republican governors; then the problems started after the democrats took control in January 2007. Facts are fact and gas was under $2 a gallon, unemployment was hovering around a 5% mark (which is nearly full employment), and except for the lies of the Lame-brain- democratic-media the USA was doing quit well!

That’s enough for now, Mitt!  You really need to listen to some of the regular folks like my wife  and me. The professional advisors are not with it, and have no idea what Americans really think and feel!


2 thoughts on “Message to Mitt Romney!

    • Love your info! Texas is a wonderful model for the USA to follow! BEWARE However! The slimmy “One-Worlders” are trying to destroy it (and Arizona) as they have Calif, Or, WA state, Colorado and other once wonderful places! We need to work together to find out how to block this nefarious scheme!

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