Why Allen West could have been the VP choice for Romney!

Allen West, member of the United States House ...
Allen West, member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill Maher, the “comedian” who is one of Barack Obama’s biggest donors, is even getting involved. He called Congressman Allan West an ape! Sounds a little racist there Billy Boy!

Referring to the above comment, Allen West is 1,000 times smarter than Bill Maher! Allen grew up on the streets of Atlanta.  He can talk “Street Talk” or like a college grad!  Allen has two  Masters Degrees!  Did Bill Maher even go to college?

I am happy with Paul Ryan as the vice presidential pick by Romney.  However, he could have also been in great shape if he picked Allen West.   Conservative black Americans are often ridiculed or ignored by the liberal media!  I could give many reasons why Allen West would have been an excellent pick, but let me just cite two reasons.  Everyone in the military holds Allen in the highest regard!  The troops love Allen, because they know he would put himself out on a limb to keep his men safe!

The second reason is that in a debate with Joe Biden, the public would see the difference between a pin-headed liberal and a real conservative, American patriot!

To conclude this point I want to say I look forward to the day we can get behind Allen West for the first, real black American President!


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