Obama’s Hate the Military!

Another political stunt at the expense of America’s finest

Dear Fellow American,

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has reached a new level of desperation. And the target of his manipulative election-year politicking is a familiar one: the American military.

If you haven’t already heard, Obama’s campaign has just filed a lawsuit in Ohio to restrict military voting. In Ohio, there is a law that allows the public to vote early in-person up until the Friday before the election. Members of the military are given three extra days to vote early. The Obama campaign is suing to strike down this part of the law, claiming that there is “no discernible rational basis” for why military members are allowed extra time to vote.

No discernible rational basis?

Only a president who possesses such little understanding of our country’s military operations and the time constraints that are placed on our servicemen and servicewomen would hold such a viewpoint.

Moreover, for the last three years, the Department of Defense has reported to the president and Congress that the top reason why military members do not vote is inadequate time to do so.

But I can’t say I’m surprised that our own commander-in-chief doesn’t understand the time constraints our military is under. (After all, this is the same president who has played more than 100 rounds of golf since his inauguration, meaning that he has spent more than four months of working time fine-tuning his backswing.)

And now Obama is teeing off on the American military once more, commanding his army of lawyers to swarm Ohio – perhaps the most pivotal swing state of the election – and target a voting demographic that leans conservative. Barack Obama needs the American military to not vote, so he has set out to make it as difficult as possible for them to do so.

Stand with Special Operations Speaks in its mission to remove Barack Obama from the White House this November and help fund its nationwide advertising campaign today.

As you know, Barack Obama’s lawsuit against military voting rights is just a continuation of his war on America’s finest. That is just one reason why Special Operations Speaks (SOS) is launching a nationwide advertising campaign to remove him from office.

But above all, SOS stands resolved to oust Barack Obama from the White House because his administration has cultured a failed operational security environment by providing the public with highly classified national-security information that compromises military operations and endangers the lives of those who carry them out – all for the sake of political gain.

Because Barack Obama can’t stand on a platform of policy success, he is campaigning for reelection by making himself appear as a “tough guy.”

As a 27-year Navy SEAL officer who served as Commanding Officer of the Naval Special Warfare Center (where our proud Navy SEALS train), allow me to speak on behalf of the men and women who defend America’s freedom:

You know, real tough guys don’t run around telling how tough they are, nor do they leak sensitive or classified information for political or personal gain! Let me tell you point-blank: Those White House sycophants are NOT tough guys; they are weasels who care only about another four years of employment under the worst president this country has ever had.

Barack Obama has already cut our defense budget so deeply that his own Secretary of Defense called it “devastating” to our national security. And as long as there is an election to win, he will further jeopardize our military’s safety by releasing highly sensitive information that makes him look like a tough guy. So I’m asking you now – please join SOS in exposing the full truth about Barack Obama’s continuing, deliberate release of top-secret security documents.

Stand with Special Operations Speaks in its mission to remove Barack Obama from the White House this November and help fund its nationwide advertising campaign today.

Special Operations Speaks is already working with key Senate and House leaders to demand full congressional hearings into the Obama intelligence leaks. And our nationwide media blitz – TV ads, radio ads, news releases and personal appearances throughout the country – will make sure the American people learn the full truth about Barack Obama’s war on America’s military.

I hope you’ll contribute to our nationwide truth-and-action campaign with whatever you can afford to give – whether it’s just $25 or $50, or as much as $100 or more.

America’s finest deserves better treatment than it has received from this president. Help SOS remove Barack Obama from the White House and replace him with someone who respects America’s military and the enduring sacrifice its servicemen and servicewomen make to our country.

Larry Bailey, CAPT (SEAL), USN (Ret.)


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