Hello world!

We are a couple of people very interested in the election of 2012.  Lili grew up in communist Yugoslavia.  She know first hand the pitfalls and shortcomings of socialism.  Al has been interested in Mitt Romney since the primaries of 2008.  He believes Mitt is the most competent person to ever run for the highest executive office in the USA.

Mitt’s history is one of success after success.  If young people want a great role model, it would be someone with the clean, effective, and successful history of a Mitt Romney.  He built his wealth without a hint of scandal!  He raised a strong, vibrant, productive family.  He is moral and accomplished.

I hope he picks Allen West as his  Vice Presidential running mate.  Allen is everything Mitt Romney is, except without the wealth.  A great, successful person. A military hero!  That would be an unbeatable ticket and you know the democrats would not know how to defeat such a strong slate!

We want this blog to be a clearing house for all opinions.  The above offers ours, and as we present various positions, facts and more opinions that we hold, we want others to share their thoughts even if they disagree with us.  We hope amateurVScompetent will be a clearing house for many ideas, jokes and serious offerings about the election of 2012.  In 2004 we spent a lot of time trying to keep John Kerry from winning the Presidency.  Traveling to Washington, DC to attend the anti-Kerry rally, and appearing on Vietnamese media to explain our objection to Kerry.  Al is a Vietnam veteran, and grew up in Massachusetts and never felt comfortable with Kerry’s claims of heroism or his performance as a Massachusetts politician.  If George Bush had a few shortcomings, Kerry was a Fort Knox vault full of them.

We are not perfect, but as normal citizens we can spot the biggest bull-crapper in the corral. Compared to Kerry, Bush was a  lot more preferable!  In 2012 we detect a con-man in Barack Hussein Obama. While he certainly knows how to campaign he has proven to be a very poor administrator.  Meanwhile, so far, we find Mitt Romney a very poor campaigner, and hope he gets better.  However, we know from his history he is an excellent administrator. We are all in for Romney, and hope we can help undecided people to see what we see in him.

So, we will be blogging here often, and hope many of you will also share your ideas, both pro and con.


Al and Lili

Happy blogging!


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

    • A new report was released last week that stated we have spent $70 BILLION of DEFENSE FUNDS on climate change. China is quickly modernizing and expanding its military and developing a blue water navy complete with aircraft carriers; Russia has threatened and invaded its neighbors while dedicating more money to upgrading their military; nuclear threats have arisen in the East and Middle East; there …is a proliferation of 3 stage missile technology; there is a rising threat of Islamic extremism and increasing instability throughout the world and this administration is responding by…. cutting back?

      The Navy will cut two carrier battle groups and reduce the number of sea vessels to 238. Strategic bombers will be reduced from 153 to 101. Our fighter force will be cut in half. The budget for missile defense has been drastically cut… but you will be glad to know we are spending more than 4 times the amount it costs for regular jet fuel to use BIO-FUEL? $4 a gallon for reg jet fuel vs $16 (or as high as $28) a gallon for bio-fuel.

      As Sen. Inhofe, senior member of the Senate Armed Services committee asked on the Senate floor last week, “Would you rather spend $4 billion on Air Force Base solar panels or would you rather have 28 new F-22s or 30 F-35s or modernized C-130s?” Considering a large portion of the jet fighters we use to defend America today were developed in the 60s and built in the 70s, that is a very good question.

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