Democrats, please don’t Kill the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs!

Any group encouraging raising taxes has got to be crazy! I’m no longer in contact with any millionaires that I know of.  Today, everyone I know is dependent on the government in one form or other.  While most people in my shoes are anxious to see taxes raised, I am not!  Here’s why!

If you read the two articles below, you will see that the income tax base needs the rich to stay in the USA and keep paying their taxes.  If I were a multimillionaire I would join Mr. Saverin in the tax havens of Asia or South America. I don’t think there are any left in Europe?

Rich people usually think much different than the rest of us.  While we talk about people and get entertained by Hollywood, the latest “classic car craze,” or the nearest” Fantasy Football  venue,”  the rich think about “Grand Ideas,” as well as how to make and protect their money!  Those wanting the rich to pay more, are the same kind of people that want to kill the “goose that lays the golden eggs!”

I’m realistic and selfish enough to want the rich to be kept happy, richly supplied with money and tax paying citizens of the USA! Yes, if you are a FOO (friend of Obama) you might not have to pay taxes-like CEO Jeff Immelt’s GE. To the Bush haters, I will say there are probably FOB’s as well that got off the tax paying merry-go-round, I just don’t recall any being exposed during the Bush years. (Hmmm! The way the press went after Bush at every turn, maybe there are no FOB’s.)  Anyway, since World War II there has never been a taxing problem, just a Politician Spending Problem! If the politicians don’t start listening to those few voices, “crying in the wilderness,” such as Congressman Ryan, those of us dependent on the Social Security program and other government programs will not be getting the help we need in our old age!

Recently, a veteran friend of mine said that “we won’t have to worry.  The money will last until after we’re dead.”  Sorry, but you don’t know what is coming!  Some call it the $46 trillion Tsunami.  Actually, that is a very conservative estimate!  The unfunded liability of the USA is more than $76 trillion.  The $16 trillion we hear about is what we actually owe as a country!  Unfunded liability is the money the USA is committed to spend over the next few years!

If they still printed $1,000 bills (and they will be soon to make it more convenient to go grocery shopping) and stacked them up until you had a million dollars it would be four (4″) inches high.  Stack them up until they total $1,000,000,000 (yes, that is billion) it would reach 333 feet high!  Keep going until you stack them up to a total of $1 trillion (yes, with 4 sets of 000) it would be about 65 miles high!  That is with $1,000 bills!  Numbers too large to imagine!!! When the inflation hits, you had better have a few miles of $1,000 bills stacked up somewhere! If not, you better buy yourself an arsenal of weapons to protect your wife and feed yourself!

I hope this doesn’t scare anyone.  I do believe we have one more chance to fix this atrocious outworking!  Mr. Obama had the chance to fix it when he controlled The White House, The Senate and The House of Representatives for two years! He squandered that chance and in fact made it worse!

This November we can put Mitt Romney in The White House and give him control of the Senate and House.  If he doesn’t fix it in two years, as Obama wasted his 2 years of total control, our only hope is SELF PRESERVATION in whatever way we can do it. Don’t give up your guns, grow a little garden and be prepared to hunt rabbits and deer for food.

My sadness is that I was prepared for all of this in the 1970′s and early 80′s!  However, Ron Reagan came along  put the brakes on the slide we were on!  In those days my eyes were great, and I could hit what I was shooting at!  My knees worked and I could run almost as well as I did when I was in the Marine Corps!  I had a years worth of food for four people, a garden and enough ammo and weapons to protect my family and survive almost anything short of a Nuke!  Of course, I wasn’t alone.  I had a lot of friends that were as premature in vision as I was!

Today, I have no idea where my gas masks are!  The survival food was left in a survivalist camp in Missouri.  I doubt I could get back there at this time! I can barely walk a half mile before my knees give out, and I can barely read with my glasses on, forget sighting in a rifle!

So, my only hope is that Mr Romney is allowed his 2 years of total control of the Senate and House so he can fix this terrible situation! Otherwise, if he fails, or if Obama and the democrats continue to control the government, it will be over for people like me.  I am nothing but another bother to the government.

I am someone they have to care for, feed and hopefully, let me live my life in peace as the aging process continues!  However, if Mr Obama's health program isn't killed, I don't hold much hope for that.  With his Obama-S-care in force and you are broken down, no longer able to provide for yourself, and not connected to someone in power, The Death Panels will be there to plan your future when you get ill!  (I don't want to get off track here, but if you doubt the Death Panels, you haven't read page 30: section 123 "...a committee that decides your treatment..." or if you continue reading to page 42, "...the Health Choice Commissioner...(or commissar) will choose your health care benefits. You have no choice..."  and later on, "...government provides approved list of end of life resources, guiding the individual into death..."

Gruesome, huh!


Al Battista

PS: Not to belabor the issue, but remember the Congressman that yelled, “You lie!” when the President said during his State of the Union address, “…illegals will not be allowed medical care!”  I guess the president didn’t read page 50:sect 152 “…will be provided to all people in the USA-illegal or otherwise…”

PPS: Think, if you somehow came into a few million dollars, would you stay a US citizen if the democrats keep control? 


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